If their new movie is even half as funny as this interview, we're all in for a treat.

Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann got extremely distracted during a junket for their new film, "How to be Single," when a very attractive male reporter sat down across from them during an interview.

Almost immediately after sitting down, WSVN Miami reporter Chris Van Vliet was met with some serious accolades about his appearance from both actresses, who quickly started saying things like, "Are you single? You're handsome" and "You look like you have really big muscles."

The two even called for their female assistants off-screen, in what we can only imagine was an attempt at hooking them up with the "hot guy" in the room.

The women also got the guy to perform a bit of a striptease, as he unbuttoned his shirt about halfway down his chest while trying out some embarrassing pickup lines.

Just watch the amazing awkwardness unfold above. These two ladies are hilarious!

"How to be Single" hits theaters February 12.

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