Oops! Margot Robbie Gave Someone a Misspelled "Suicide Squad" Tattoo
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Here's the lesson of the day: Don't let Margot Robbie give you a tattoo.

Last year, the actress volunteered to ink up her "Suicide Squad" costars with the word, "Skwad," but it seems she made a big blunder on one crew member.

"At first, I really had to beg people," Robbie told Stephen Colbert and fellow guest, Tina Fey. "And then it became a thing. People ask me now."

While Margot may have perfected her skills, she wasn't also such a great tattoo artist.

It turns out, one unlucky assistant got a different tattoo than the rest of the cast.

"Everyone was spelling it 'S-K-W-A-D,'" the star, who played Harley Quinn in the flick, explained. "But I went straight from the 'S' to the 'W.'"

"'Swad'?" asked a shocked Fey.

Hopefully, her victim, Simon, has a sense of humor. Will Smith seemed to get it right when he tatted up his costar, Joel Kinnaman.

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Check out the clip to hear more about her major mistake!

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