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Though they're no longer together, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have this co-parenting thing down!

The actress opened up about their adorable son Sam's 4th birthday party to Extra, while promoting her new movie "Miracles From Heaven."

During the candid conversation -- Jen's first interview since her heartfelt sit-down with Vanity Fair earlier this month -- the actress revealed it was Sam who requested a Batman cameo from his famous dad for his superhero-themed bash.

"We all dressed up, I dressed up as a ninja and Ben dressed up as Batman for Sam," Garner gushed. "Which was the best dad moment in history," she added, noting that the whole thing was "pretty sweet."

While dishing about her new movie, Jen likewise revealed who she turns to when times get tough.

"My girlfriends for sure, and they’re everything and I include my sisters in that … I think I’m so lucky to have grown up with two sisters because I make my girlfriends my sisters and I make my sisters girlfriends," she said.

And though she was photographed alongside her estranged hubby at the Vanity Fair Oscar party this year, Garner swears she attended with one of those lady friends.

"I had a great time, I went with one of my very best girlfriends, we’ve gone together maybe eight times so we have a whole routine and we had a blast," she exclaimed.

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