Anna Chlumsky Talks Child Stardom: "It Did Teach Me Not to Trust People"
Michigan Ave magazine
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Anna Chlumsky's reflecting on her days as a child star.

The "Veep" star covers the new issue of Michigan Avenue magazine, where she opens up about growing up int he spotlight.

Though the blonde beauty says she had a normal childhood, all things considered, she did learn to not be so trusting ... especially when it comes to showbiz.

"There are two ways to answer that," the "My Girl" star says when asked what she learned from her unique upbringing. "One is from the point of view back then: That was just my life. I still went to normal school when I wasn't working. I didn't know any different, so I was going through normal 10-year-old things."

"The second way to answer that question is in retrospect as an adult looking back and you go, 'Oh my gosh, that probably was a huge, enormous shift.' I think it did teach me to not trust people very well because you just don't know people's intentions," she adds.

Though the 35-year-old currently stars on an Emmy-winning show alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she'd die to share the big screen with two very sexy stars.

"Actors that I'd die for? Tom Hardy and Idris Elba," she confesses. "I will see them in anything not just because they're gorgeous; because they are phenomenal actors. I love Rooney Mara. I think she’s fantastic. Let's see, what other… I mean, come on, Robert Duvall in anything, right?"

Anna also says she's completely content with her life right now. "My kids are being educated in a school that enriches, nourishes, challenges, and engages them. I'm pursuing and doing fantastic work. Ten years… I'll be happy," she explains. "I read that article in The Atlantic about [happiness in] your 40s, so I think I can make it through."

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