Anne Hathway had an uncomfortable encounter at the gym.

The "Alice Through the Looking Glass" star appears on Tuesday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where she opens up about her 8-week-old son Jonathan and reveals how she was shamed at the gym after giving birth.

Check out the video above to see what she says!

While we think the actress looks absolutely amazing, she says she was insulted at the gym just weeks after welcoming her first child with hubby Adam Shulman.

"Being a mom has changed me in a couple ways," she tells Ellen in the sneak peek. "I actually, not based on this moment, but other moments feel a lot more confident. Normally you walk into the gym and you see, I work out in West Hollywood, so you see like Thor’s trainer, you know the people who have too many muscles to be in 'The Avengers' that’s who works out at my gym. So I would normally walk in and feel so intimidated. But I walk in I’m like 'Yeah I work out with 5 pound weights, but I pushed a baby out of my body I feel good right now.' So I don’t care what I look like, I feel great. I’m on this machine, whatever that does."

0524_anne_insetLaunch GalleryMichael Rozman / Warner Bros. See More Celebrity Post-Baby Bods! Hathaway's confidence took a hit when she noticed someone was watching her workout ... the entire time.

"And I see this guy who does actually look like Thor’s trainer staring at me and I’m like 'Oh God. Am I doing something wrong?' In the past I just would have slunk off my machine. But I was like I’m gonna ask him, 'I’m like hey is everything cool do you want to work in?' And he goes 'Oh God no. I’m just in my own world.' I’m like 'Ok cool because you were staring at me really hard.' And he was just like, 'No no don’t worry about it.' So I go back and I get off the machine and he comes up to me. He’s like 'So you've been working out at this gym for a long time. And I’m like 'Oh my god he’s hitting on a nice new mom.' I feel really good about myself and I’m like "Oh yeah, I’ve been coming here for a little bit.' He’s like 'Cool, I’m a trainer here and just wondering if you want some points.' And I’m like 'Oh no he’s not hitting on you he just wants a job,'" she explains.

Anne decides to tell the trainer she just had a baby in the hopes of getting a little slack, or at best, a compliment.

"So then we start talking and I decide that I’m gonna let it drop that I’m a new mom," she explains. "And I’m like 'Ya know I have worked out here for a long time, but I’ve been gone because I just had a baby seven weeks ago.' And I’m expecting him to say the thing that you say when someone says that you’ve had a baby. Which is 'Oh my God, you look great!' Doesn’t matter if it’s true. If somebody says I had a baby 13 years ago you say you look great. That is what you do, that is the etiquette. So I say to this guy I had a baby seven weeks ago. And he goes 'Oh, trying to lose the baby weight!'"

Even though his answer isn't exactly what the 33-year-old wanted to hear, it doesn't sound like the trainer was actually trying to offend the actress.

Earlier in the day, Anne accidentally offended the Kardashians, after posting a meme shading the famous family. The photo she shared on Instagram read, "In a world full of Kardashians, be a Helena Bonham Carter," alongside a photo of her "Alice" costar.

She later pulled the pic down, following it up with another picture of text reading, "Post removed for unintended shade thrown." She captioned the shot, "It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace."

It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x

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