This was one incredibly random ... and very revealing ... game of Never Have I Ever.

On Wednesday's episode of her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres put Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick in the hot seat, as she exposed some dirty little secrets about her guests.

From handcuffs to marijuana use, nothing was off limits ... and the trio seemed pretty up front about what they have and haven't done.

The most shocking revelation to Ellen: Stewart admitting she's sexted!

"Wow, Martha, you've sexted? Do you know what that is?!" an exasperated Ellen asked.

"I have used technology for a lot longer than you have Ellen," a sassy Stewart shot back. When asked if it was with someone "current" or from a while back, the 75-year-old looked at her paddle and replied, "It doesn't say none of your business here."

Someone was in a mood, right?!

Check out the full segment above to see who's been to a nude beach, who's drunk dialed an ex and which of them has used their fame to get out of trouble!