Jennifer Lawrence Grilled on Her Craziest Hookups, Hated Celebrities and 'Vanderpump Rules' Worst Star (Video)
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Jennifer Lawrence dished on most-hated celebrities, craziest hookups, Amy Schumer, and Bravo reality show villains during Monday night's hilarious episode of "Watch What Happens Live."

The "Passengers" star's best friend Laura Simpson took on guest bartending duties for the evening and revealed that there is a celebrity who Lawrence refuses to work with, as well as other Hollywood women who the duo "collectively loathe."

In the segment called "Shush Your BFF Lush," Simpson said: "There's a lot of nicknames for certain celebrities. There's 'The Lady,' [and] there's 'Pickle,' " she said, refusing to specify who the celebrities were.

When asked by host Andy Cohen which Hollywood star Lawrence refused to work with, Simpson took a pass altogether and sipped her drink.

Lawrence was also grilled on her most scandalous hookup spot. But the actress said there really wasn't one, due to the fact that she liked "to be safe."

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Of her untitled project with Schumer, Lawrence said, "The script is finished, we're both just trying to figure out our Thors of schedules. ... [We wrote it] with her sister, Kim. They are two of the funniest people. It's exhausting. I laugh so much I have cramps."

When asked about details of the movie's plot, Lawrence said: "It's about two sisters who go on a road trip to try to reconnect with their brother. Who hopefully would be Chris Pratt. In a dream world."

Later during the show's "Plead the 5th" segment, Lawrence a die-hard "Housewives" fan, was asked who she'd fire from "Vanderpump Rules."

"It already happened. I would do it to ... the guy I hate, James [Kennedy]. I want him off the planet," she said.

For her second question, Lawrence was asked what her most and least favorite "Hunger Games" movie was. "There's nothing like the first one," she said about her favorite. Her least favorite would be the franchise's third installment, "Mockingjay Part 1." About the film, Lawrence said, "I guess the third one, because ... they split it into two, and it kind of got stuck between 'Catching Fire,' and that being said, I haven't seen any of them in years, so maybe I'd be wrong. I'm just guessing that the third one would be the worst, but I don't actually know."

For her third and final question, Lawrence was asked what her best kiss of 2016 was like. Lawrence said: "I can't say ... Plead the 5th."

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