Jedediah Bila spilled the tea on the behind the scenes dress code at Fox News this morning on "The View."

While discussing the sexual harassment scandal plaguing the network, the conservative co-host revealed some interesting intel about her days as a correspondent.

"You get wardrobe, but it's different than here," Bila said. "You used to go into a room and there were a bunch of dresses you could choose from. I was told at one point I wasn't allowed to wear orange because Roger [Ailes] didn't like the color orange."

"I didn't see any pants. People always say 'Why didn't you wear pants?' You notice I wear pants a lot here," she added. "I didn't wear pants because I wasn't given a pants option. I had to choose skirts."

"Now that Trump is in the White House, Roger likes orange again," deadpanned Joy Behar.

The women continued to talk about the sexual harassment allegations lobbied against Bill O'Reilly and debated whether they'll lead to his being ousted from the network. BMW announced they're pulling their advertising "O'Reilly Factor" Tuesday morning following Mercedes and Hyundai.

"Bill O'Reilly claims to be a champion of the free market," said Bila, "the free market is speaking right now by coming out and saying we don't want to advertise on your show."

"When they find someone who can take that spot and bring in the ad revenue and bring in the ratings, then he will cease to be as valuable," she continued, "until then, nothing's going to happen."

"If you want a voice you have to make your voice heard where you are," Whoopi Goldberg added. "It will only stop when you stop it."

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