Tyler Henry gives Jenna Dewan Tatum the closure she needed in wake of her grandfather's death on this week's episode of "Hollywood Medium."

In the sneak peek preview (above), Henry tells his famous client he's channeling a “lone wolf,” which she quickly figures out was her grandfather Dudley Bursch, because the phrase perfectly describes who he was.

“He is having me acknowledge that he was not in a coherent state of mind around the time that he passed and he’s actually having me acknowledge self-medication, and he’s apologizing because he feels like the person he was when he was not self-medicating was very different from the person that he was when he was self-medicating,” Henry said.

“I don’t know if you know about the self-medication,” he continued. “He may have dealt with a specific addiction problem, but there’s an acknowledgment of, like, I feel like I used something to kind of mask this pain.”

Dewan Tatum filled in that her grand dad "dealt with mental illness."

“But I think he felt a lot of shame about it,” Dewan Tatum continued. “Toward the end, I think he stopped taking his medication when my grandmother died. They were together for so long, they were inseparable, that I think he was so, you know, distraught.”

Tatum reflected on her family just assuming her grandfather quit his prescription medications, but they never got confirmation until now.

“Ultimately, it ended in a very tragic death. So, my family [was] never really given the healing and the closure that they wanted and that we all need.”

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Wednesday at 9PM on E!

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