Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte had a very special spectator at one of his biggest swim meets: his dead grandfather.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry," the swimmer receives a message from his grandfather on the other side.

"He's having me bring up a reference to a medal, which isn't surprising, I know who you are," Tyler Henry tells the athlete.

"He's showing me a vision and the feeling is like, 'I was here, I was here, I was here,'" he continued. "The feeling is like, before we take a dive, before we go and do a lap. There'a weird feeling of just like one instance, where I feel like you could have had a grandfather come through to you as you were swimming but it might have been a monumental event."

"The feeling is like, 'While I'm not here physically, I'm with you and I'm thinking about you before you do this,'" the psychic continues, "and comes through and acknowledges being so proud of you for you being able to take the steps and do this and handle this and he knows that he was thought of and the feeling is 'I'm with you as you do this."

Lochte begins to tear up as he hears this, exclaiming "Oh, wow!"

While Lochte doesn't reveal which momentous swim meet he connected with his grandfather at in the clip, a synopsis for the episode says Henry "bring through a message from his beloved deceased grandfather about his gold medal win."

Of course, Ryan has six gold medals, but he seems pretty confident about which one his grandfather was referencing in the video above.

"Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" airs Wednesdays at 9pm on E!