“Shahs of Sunset” star Mercedes Javid is ready to tie the knot after postponing her wedding to care for her father in the hospital.

Now that his health is taking steps in the right direction, she’s ready to get married and start a family of her own.

The reality star caught up with TooFab to reflect how this experience changed her life forever.

“I took a lot of things for granted at the time like, we have all of the time in the world for this, we have all of the time in the world for that, but actually if I want my dad to really walk me down the isle, that’s something that is in question now,” she said. “Like I don’t know if he’ll have a strong enough day to do that and hopefully, God willing, meet my children.”

Javid continued to explain how caregiving put her priorities back in order. For example, viewers thought she spent a lot of time partying at Shervin Roohparvar’s beach house, but in reality she actually went back to the hospital once filming wrapped for the day because her father was more important than enjoying a night out for herself.

“After the Malibu party, this is something people don’t know, but after that Malibu party at Shervin’s house, I actually went to the hospital, back to him from earlier that day. And I asked for his vitals and we thought that he might have been going through aspirational ammonia and we admitted him to the hospital so as crazy as the beginning of that day was, the after was 2 a.m., hospital, middle of the night, just kind of like freaking out.”

Javid watched last week’s heartbreaking episode that showed her and Reza Farahan visiting the hospital, with her father and fiancé, Tommy Feight. And contrary to fans of the show’s twitter reactions, she actually completely understands where Farahan was coming from when he told the other cast members she was in denial. The reality star called the experience an “emotional funeral.”

“I was in such denial that episode that I said, ‘He had a mild stroke,’” she said before coming to terms with her father’s reality. “Well, he had five different, very extremely life-threatening things happening at the same time.”

Feight added that Javid's father looked good in that episode in comparison to a few weeks prior. He is now stable, but he’s not able to do everyday activities that his only child is used to doing with him, such as playing tennis and enjoying beach days.

“You have to grieve something that you’re potentially never going to get back,” Javid said.

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