With "All Eyez on Me," Kat Graham hopes fans of Tupac will see a different side of him than what was portrayed in the media.

In an exclusive clip (above) from the Blu-ray and DVD release of the Lionsgate biopic, the "Vampire Diaries" alum talks about playing Jada Pinkett Smith in the film and the importance of the women in Pac's life.

"I think a lot of people, or at least the media especially in the '90s, they wanted to portray him as this gangsta rapper, they just wanted to diminish his awareness of the world, of politics, they didn't want to make him this poetic, multidimensional artist," Graham says.

"They wanted to keep him as this angry black man raping women, just disrespectful, in the bath tub with a bunch of bitches and hoes and I'm not saying he didn't play with that kind of imagery but to say that's all he was is taking away his credit," she continues. "When you have the women that he had in his life, he almost felt a responsibility to make sure that those women felt that he saw them."

"When I watched Pac talk about Jada or Jada talk about Pac, it almost surpassed this world," Graham adds of their relationship. "It was kind of this other-worldly, very connected, soul connected friendship. They didn't have a romance, they were best friends and I liked that. I thought that was empowering. I think when you have someone like Jada Pinkett or somebody like [Tupac's mom] Afeni and you have these powerful women surrounding someone as prolific as {ac, it affects how he views women."

"All Eyez on Me" hits home video Tuesday, September 5.

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