Jared Leto Is Too Scared to Talk to 'Very Intense' Harrison Ford
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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The "Blade Runner 2049" star tells Ellen DeGeneres he "would have needed a diaper" to meet Ford.

Jared Leto may play tough guy Joker in "Suicide Squad," but he's still too scared to talk to "Blade Runner 2049" co-star Harrison Ford in real life. Or even look him in the eye on set, apparently.

"I think if I had seen him, I would have needed a diaper," the actor told Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show Thursday. "Because he's very intense. And a legend."

And Leto didn't actually see him on set, either. The method actor plays a blind villain named Niander Wallace in the new science fiction movie that hits theaters on Friday, so he wore custom-made contacts to make him feel like he was a blind man while filming.

Leto did see Ford at least once in his lifetime, though.

"I think I met him when you did the Oscars," Leto told Ellen. "He had a little pizza on his shirt. He was right behind me and I said, 'Oh my God, he just spilled that on his shirt and I can't even acknowledge it. It's Harrison Ford."

Leto also opened up about the "horrific" and "heartbreaking" Las Vegas shooting, which left 59 people dead and over 500 others injured this past Sunday.

"I do think that no matter how much evil there is in the world, nothing can defeat the human spirit," Leto said. "We need to continue to live our lives, to follow our dreams and to keep moving forward."

The incident made him reflect on another senseless concert attack that hit particularly close to home. In 2015, gunmen stormed an Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan in Paris, killing 89 people.

"We played a show just months before the attacks in Paris at a club and our tour manager, our former sound engineer, our march representative on the tour, they were all in that building that day, and it's just heartbreaking and senseless. And I hope that if there's anything that comes from this, it's that we all get a little closer. That we all listen a little bit more, and have a greater sense of understanding and empathy and kindness with each other."

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