These 'Walking Dead' Candids Prove It's Not All Blood and Brutal Deaths on Set

The plan is clearly falling apart as Carl tries to evacuate Alexandria, and Maggie and Jesus find their way blocked in new clips.

All it takes is one person to mess up a great plan, and it looks like that one person is Daryly Dixon (Norman Reedus) on "The Walking Dead," if footage from this week's mid-season finale is any indication.

For the past seven episodes, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company have been carefully and tediously and slowly -- so very slowly -- putting together the pieces of the plan they initiated in the premiere to finally rid themselves of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors.

"If they don't surrender today, they will. Soon," Maggie (Lauren Cohan) tells Jesus (Tom Payne) while they're on their way to the Sanctuary to finish things. "They just need to run out of food, water, choices."

But then, something not in the plan is blocking their way and Maggie knows trouble is on the horizon. "It's them," she says.

Negan and his pals aren't going to go down without a fight. And thanks to a little ingenuity from Eugene (Josh McDermitt) -- who has outstayed his welcome in our book -- it looks like they've escaped the zombie swarm surrounding their Sanctuary and are on the march to war.

Daryl ramming a truck into the building to create an opening for the horde to enter the compound probably pushed the issue, and may have helped facilitate the Saviors' escape. Thanks Daryl! At least he guaranteed some action this week.

AMC has been keeping pretty tight-lipped about the 90-minute mid-season finale, but they did drop a tantalizing clip that showed just how dangerous confidence can be ... and how important it is that no one goes rogue with big plans like this one.

All hell is going to break loose and we're excited that finally something is going to happen this season, and bodies will probably start to drop. We've got our own ideas on who that should be.

"The Walking Dead" closes out 2017 with a 90-minute finale Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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