Here Are the Worst Celebrity Feuds

Rapaport calls Oliver a "selfish f-ck," while Baldwin compares "Last Week Tonight" to a grand jury.

Michael Rapaport and Alec Baldwin both offered up criticism of John Oliver in wake of the comedian's testy panel discussion with Dustin Hoffman over sexual harassment allegations before a "Wag the Dog" screening earlier this week.

While Baldwin simply noted on Wednesday morning that Oliver's HBO late-night show is "beginning to resemble" a grand jury, Rapaport went on an expletive-filled tirade against Oliver.

"This motherf-cka John Oliver calling Dustin Hoffman 'Dustin.' motherf-cka you address this man as Mr.Hoffman. You came to moderate a discussion about a movie. John Oliver, you selfish f-ck, you ruined paying customers evening out in Manhattan," Rapaport tweeted Tuesday.

"You wanted to catch the motherf-cker off guard because you're a fake ass motherf-ckin freedom fighter," he added in a video posted to Twitter. "I wish 80-year-old Dustin Hoffman would have told you to suck his 80-year-old dick live on stage. Punk ass motherf-cker John Oliver."

Rapaport defended his statements in several tweets on Twitter, adding that the allegations against Hoffman have not been proven.

Baldwin's tweets, on the other hand, were much tamer.

"Talk shows were once promotional pit stops for some blithe chit chat about movies, etc," Baldwin tweeted days after Oliver's confrontation with Hoffman on Monday night. "Now the likes of John Oliver and Stephen Colbert have flipped that and they are beginning to resemble grand juries."

After facing a lot of backlash for the initial tweet, the "Saturday Night Live" actor clarified that he did not "express a preference" and even told one of his trolls that she seems "angry" and was being "harsh."

Last month, Hoffman was accused of groping the now chief coach and co-founder at ArcVida, Anna Graham Hunter, when she was a 17-year-old intern on the set of the actor's 1985 TV movie "Death of A Salesman."

"This is something we're going to have to talk about because... it's hanging in the air," Oliver said in the middle of the "Wag the Dog" anniversary panel, which also included co-star Robert De Niro as well as the "Wag the Dog" producer and director. The Washington Post was there to cover the unexpected confrontation.

"It's hanging in the air?" Hoffman replied. "From a few things you've read you've made an incredible assumption about me. You've made the case better than anyone else can. I'm guilty."

According to the Post, the 80-year-old actor proceeded to reinforce that he does not remember meeting Graham Hunter nor does he remember groping anyone. In the video of the conversation below, Hoffman does appear to defend making sexualized jokes on set with the cast and crew.

"I still don't know who this woman is," Hoffman said. "I never met her. If I met her it was in concert with other people."

Oliver found Hoffman's response rather interesting considering he previously released a comment stating his behavior on that set was "not reflective of" who he is.

"It's that kind of response to this stuff that pisses me off," Oliver said. "It is reflective of who you were. If you've given no evidence to show it didn't, there was a period of time for a while when you were a creeper around women. It feels like a cop-out to say 'it wasn't me.' Do you understand how that feels like a dismissal?"

Despite the other members on the panel's attempt to move the conversation forward and focus on the film they were all there to discuss, Hoffman circled back to the topic at hand, accusing Oliver of having a closed mind.

"I would not have made that movie if I didn't have an incredible respect for women," Hoffman said. "The theme of the movie is he became a better man by having been a woman."

"I can't leave certain things unaddressed," Oliver said wrapping up. "The easy way is not to bring anything up. Unfortunately that leaves me at home later at night hating myself."

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