'Riverdale' Star Mädchen Amick Reacts to That Pole Dance For the Serpents (Exclusive)
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The actress also tells TooFab how much fun it was to see a "completely carefree" Alice "kick back with all of her homies from her past."

Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) returned to her Southside roots in Wednesday night's episode of "Riverdale", where she was seen throwing back shots of tequila in one sexy black leather ensemble. But little did she know she wouldn't be the only Cooper in the house letting her freak flag fly.

At the same bar, Alice witnessed her daughter Betty do a pole dance to audition for a spot in the Serpents, the Southside crew Mama Cooper has tried so hard to keep her kin away from.

Amick spoke with TooFab about what her character thinks about her daughter's risky move and revealed what it was like to film those bar scenes on-set.

"I don't think she can handle it at all," she said of Alice's reaction to Betty possibly becoming a Serpent. "That's what she's juggling right now. I think she really likes Jughead at his core. She knows he's a good kid. She understands why Betty has fallen for him, but she doesn't like that he's following the same path that she didn't want her kids exposed to. She wanted to keep them away from her past. It's really, really hard for her because she can't push Betty away because she knows that might drive her that much quicker to the Southside ... so she's definitely walking on the fine line."

While Amick said Alice attended F.P.'s retirement bash to "have a good time and party and let loose for the night," the character immediately "snapped out of it" once she saw Betty's dance moves.

"She saw her daughter literally going down the same path and I think that really snapped her out of it and made her want Betty to leave and beg her to not do that," she said. "And when she refused, I think it just made Alice realize that she can't watch this happen, so that's what made her leave early."

Like her daughter, Alice also goes back and forth between her so-called "dark" side and her everyday prim and proper appearance.

"She has to walk that fine line. She doesn't completely turn her back on what she's built over all of these years, so she may dip in and out of it and obviously feels comfortable on the other side, but there's a reason why she left it all behind and tried to hide it away," she explained.

Getting to play that duality, however, is something Amick relishes.

"I just really enjoyed what they wrote, when she's caught up in saying 'Hi' to everybody and you know, giving all of her friends a hard time and then she turns to Betty and she goes, 'Hunny what do you need? Do you need a Gingerale?' It's just really fun to play," she said.

"It was fun to see Alice completely carefree and go right back to her roots," Amick added. "You know all of the buttoned up cashmere sweaters were peeled off her and she got to just kick back with all of her homies from her past so it was very fun to play."

"Riverdale" airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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