Late-Night Hosts LOL Hard as Trump Slurs Through Jerusalem Speech
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Stephen Colbert says he could watch the way Trump says "United Shtatesh" again and again.

Donald Trump gave a speech announcing that the United States would officially recognize Jersualem as the capitol of Isreal, but it's how he slurred his way through it that got the attention of America's funniest TV stars.

Every late-night comedian was talking about the way he garbled his words. Particularly egregious was the way he pronounced "United States" at the end, slurring it into "United Shtatesh."

But there were several slurred words, and awkward pauses throughout the speech, leading many to speculate that Trump wears dentures and was perhaps having some trouble with them. #DentureDonald was one of the top Twitter trends throughout the night.

Stephen Colbert could not contain his laughter, saying he could watch it over and over again. And he wasn't the only one, as James Corden, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah and Neil Patrick Harris (filling in for Jimmy Kimmel) also took aim at the president's enunciation.

Trump's actions, which would see the United States moving its embassy in Isreal from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, lead to Palestine declaring "three days of rage" in response, while most of Western Europe and even the Pope came out in opposition to Trump's decree. "I never thought I'd say this, but Donald Trump is really bringing the whole world together," Colbert declared.

Here's how the late-night comedians lambasted the President of the United Shtatesh:

'Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

The CBS late-night host got right into the issue at the top of his monologue, talking about how Trump said the U.S. would officially recognize Jerusalem as Isreal's capitol. "He recognized it in a speech, but I'm still not sure he could recognize it on a map," Colbert joked.

"This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality," Trump said in the speech, to which Colbert responded, "Why start now?"

After playing footage of Trump slurring the word "shtatesh," Colbert completely lost it and immediately demanded that it be shown again. "I could watch that all day," he said amid gales of laughter.

"The capper of all cappers, Trump then signed the bill that will further divide Muslims and Jews surrounded by Christmas trees," Colbert added.

'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

"Toward the end of his speech on Isreal today, President Trump began to slur his words, leading some to speculate that he may have been wearing dentures," Seth Meyers said. "But the White House insists that it's nothing unusual, and that most of his words are slurs."

Meyers showed a longer segment of the speech, that featured more than one slurred word. "I can't believe our first and last president had fake teeth," he mused afterward.

He then tried to make a "Fake News" joke by saying the president calls them "Fake Tooths," but his audience didn't really seem to get it. "That's the best joke you're ever going to hear!" Meyers chastised them.

'The Late Late Show with James Corden'

"It seems like something is wrong with Donald Trump's mouth," James Corden said, before breaking into his own impression of Trump's "United Shtatesh."

"That video contains the three things that make up our worst nightmares," he said. "Public speaking, losing teeth and Donald Trump."

He got in a few more jabs at the president's expense, including his hopes that Mike Pence would pick up the tradition he carried in college as a narc when he turned in his frat brothers for having a keg, and reveal where Trump's "kegs" are to Robert Mueller.

"You know that old saying," he said. "Snitches get ... to become president after the impeachment."

'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Neil Patrick Harris said that people had been asking him if he was going to make fun of the president during his monologue. "Of course!" he said, "I am required; you have to sign a thing."

He said he was going to avoid policy and digging into the deeper issues in mocking the president, leaving that to other comedians. "I am going to make fun of the super-weird way he spoke," he said before playing the clip.

This lead into a new segment called "Drunk Donald Trump," which was just the same footage slowed down. But it totally worked!

'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah'

After breaking down the possible implications of Trump's actions in the Middle East, Noah took a look at how he did it. "As disturbing as it was today to watch Donald Trump add fuel to the Middle East conflict, it was even more disturbing to watch the conflict between Donald Trump's teeth and his tongue," he said.

"Did President Trump just Adele Dazeem the United States?" Noah asked, referencing John Travolta's mangling of Idina Menzel's name at the 2014 Academy Awards.

"It seemed like someone hit him with a blow dart just before he went out to make the speech," Noah speculated.

Noah laughed almost as much as Colbert, and even rolled the clip again to see if it wasn't as bad as it seemed. When it was over, though, he was rolling. "It was worse," he said. "It was so much worse!"

It was Noah who convinced people to start tweeting the hashtag #DentureDonald because of Trump's vanity. "Don't do it," he said while displaying the hashtag on the screen. "I'm just saying, can you imagine how he would feel? But don't do it, guys. He's very shenshitive."

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