Forget the Oscars! 6 Reasons the Golden Globes Are Best Part of Hollywood's Award Season
See the 2018 Golden Globe Nominations

The Academy Awards get all the glory, but the Globes are where it's at.

The Golden Globes are better than the Oscars, dwarf the SAG Awards and make the Grammys seem hammy.

That's because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association truly knows how to have a good time by turning its award show, which is entering its 75th year, into a veritable celebration of glitz, glamour and A-listers as an official kick off to Hollywood's award-show season. There's Moet champagne flowing, tasty food and the guarantee that at least one celebrity will deliver an inebriated speech full of nonsense.

Just in time for the ceremony's nominations, which dropped Monday, here are six reasons the Golden Globes are the best and most entertaining award show in the business.

Shameless and Unapologetic Adulation

Let's face it. Hollywood is like a big old high school and every year, the HFPA nerds do whatever they have to do to invite the coolest kids. Like remember that time Lady Gaga got nominated for her turn on "American Horror Story: Hotel" and won? Yeah. There's no logical explanation for that other than the HFPA wanted the international music star to show up in an awe-inspiring outfit and award her for it. And really, is that so wrong?

Meryl Streep Almost Always Gets a Nomination

Considered to be the best actress of our time, Meryl Streep has been nominated for a large number of Oscars – 20 to be exact – even if she's only actually won three times. Never one to be outdone, the Globes has nominated Streep 30 times and she has won eight. There have even been years where the HFPA nominated Streep, 68, in two separate categories at the same time. Earlier this year, Streep nabbed the Cecil B. DeMille award, which is the Golden Globes' highest honor celebrating the overall career of an artist.

Edgy Hosts

To best understand the Globes, you have to understand why comedic actor Ricky Gervais has hosted the show four times. His jokes are biting, acerbic and very, very British. Because of this, he gets to say pretty much whatever he feels like saying to the biggest names in Hollywood and people laugh because he says it with an English accent and charm. And Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's threepeat, hosting from 2013-2015? Simply perfection.

Setting Trends

Say what you will about the Globes, but its voters have a knack for spotting and celebrating buzzy movies, television shows and actors. For instance when it came to television comedies, the Globes celebrated "Glee" at its peak in 2010, and did the same for "All In the Family" and "Taxi" in the 1970s; "The Cosby Show" and "Fame" in the 1980s; "Ally McBeal" in the 1990s; and "Sex and the City" in the aughts.

Confusing Categorizations

Fans of "Get Out" are mad the racial thriller was submitted as a comedy this year, but at least the movie has an undeniably sardonic undertone. There weren't a lot of funny moments in "The Martian," but it still popped up in the Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical category a couple years ago and it won. You could even argue that "Coal Miner's Daughter" is more of a drama than a musical or a comedy, but it was nominated and won in 1981. The same goes for 1987's Golden Globe winning comedy "Hope and Glory." While the studios pick the category, the HFPA has no problem voting for the more unusual choice.

The Globes Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously

Perhaps one of the reasons the nominated categories don't always seem rational is because the Golden Globes tend to keep things light and bubbly. Every now and again the show will make a political statement – like nominating legend Christopher Plummer for a role he snatched from Kevin Spacey after sexual harassment controversies got the better of him. But for the most part, the Globes are a breezy party that trumpet some of the most beautiful, talented and popular people in the world and that's never going to change.

The 75th annual Golden Globe Awards air Sunday Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC.