'Vanderpump' Couple Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz Divided Over Brittany Taking Back Jax After Cheating (Exclusive)
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"It'd be hypocritical for us to say that they should break up," Tom Schwartz tells TooFab, but his wife Katie Maloney disagrees.

"Vanderpump Rules" star Brittany Cartwright took back boyfriend Jax Taylor after he cheated on her, and according to co-star Katie Maloney, she made the wrong decision.

TooFab spoke to Katie and her husband, Tom Schwartz, ahead of Monday's episode about the infidelity still unfolding on this season of the Bravo series, and when asked if she thought Brittany should've taken Jax back, Katie was blunt.

"Short answer: No," she said. "I know what it's like to be in love with someone and be hurt, and you don't want to give up on a relationship that is special to you, but it's hard to come back from some of those things. I think Brittany is a really amazing girl, and for Jax to betray her just wasn't fair. She didn't deserve it."

"We've been through so much shit, though," Tom interrupted. "It'd be hypocritical for us to say that they should break up. After all the shit we went though, a lot of people said we should've broken up."

"Yeah, but I feel like what they went through was a little more damaging," Katie replied. "I think she should've made him work harder for it. We all know Jax, and if Jax thinks he can get away with something, he can get away with everything and anything. For me, it was just like, 'Oh, girl, I don't know that you want to set this precedent that you can let it go that quickly. If he thinks he's just gonna get a slap on the wrist, he'll probably do it again.'"

When Brittany first approached Tom about the cheating at Scheana Marie's masquerade party, Tom told her he didn't know about the cheating, and that even if he did, he wouldn't tell her about it.

"I'm an idiot. I'm a complete idiot," Tom said of his comments to Brittany. "I cannot believe that came out of my mouth. You know I'm a well-known Jax apologist, right? I'm his No. 1. fan."

"Maybe I'm naive, but I knew nothing of this," he added. "I was completely caught off guard. It was a shock to all of us. It got real messy there for a while, and I thought it was at the point of no return."

Tom said that Jax "gets a lot of shit" but that he's "a good dude with a big heart."

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Monday nights on Bravo.

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