5 Oscar Nominations and Snubs Twitter Is Freaking Out Over
24 Oscar Nominations Snubs and Pleasant Surprises

While half of Twitter was celebrating diversity, the other half was in shock over some pretty big snubs.

The nominees for the 90th annual Academy Awards were announced live Tuesday morning by Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis, who gave Twitter plenty to talk about.

There were nominations that brought people immense joy and of course snubs that induced outrage.

"Denzel Washington got nominated for a movie literally no one has even seen, that sits at a 49 percent on Rotten Tomatoes," one movie fan tweeted. "It was a critical and commercial flop. But James Franco (who is innocent till proven guilty) made an instant classic, with a 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes."

While the Twitterverse was especially angry that Armie Hammer and James Franco didn't get recognized in the best actor category for their respective roles, people were also particularly disappointed to hear that "Boss Baby" is now an Oscar-nominated film.

"What have you people done," one person tweeted upon hearing the nomination in the Best Animated Feature Film category.

On the bright site, Twitter celebrated nominees Rachel Morrison, Mary J. Blige and Christopher Plummer for making history.

Here's what Twitter was busy freaking out over after the nominations were announced.

Mary J. Blige Is a Double Oscar Nominee

Blige received a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Best Original Song. The performer was not only congratulated on Twitter for becoming a double Oscar nominee, but for also becoming the first woman to receive the honor for a role directed by an African-American woman.

Rachel Morrison Is the First Woman to be Nominated for Best Cinematography

Morrison is the first woman in Oscar history to be nominated in the Best Cinematography category for her work in "Mudbound." Competition includes "Blade Runner 2049," "Darkest Hour," "Dunkirk" and "The Shape of Water."

Christopher Plummer Is the Oldest Nominee in History

Plummer nabbed a nomination for Best Supporting Actor after taking over Kevin Spacey's "All the Money in the World" role after sexual abuse allegations emerged against the actor. 88-year-old Plummer is now the oldest actor to receive the honor.

'Boss Baby' Is an Oscar Nominated Film

"Boss Baby" scored just a 52 percent approval rating from critics counted on Rotten Tomatoes, and yet it locked in Oscar nomination, while "LEGO Batman" -- which was hailed by critics, garnering a 91 percent approval rating on RT -- was snubbed yet again after getting the shaft from the Golden Globes.

Armie Hammer and James Franco Were Snubbed

Armie Hammer and James Franco were both ignored in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category, and while a number of people may excuse the Academy for excluding Franco over backlash for sexual misconduct allegations, some are suspicious that Hammer missed the mark because his role had to do with a gay relationship. Others are just upset at their exclusion because they simply turned in fantastic performances. Franco perfectly portrayed real-life "Disaster Artist" Tommy Wiseau, while Hammer stunned audiences in "Call Me By Your Name."

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