Alt-Pop Singer Josephina Slays A Capella Rendition of New Single 'Feelings'
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TooFab's TooGood Artist of the Month tells us what inspired her to start chasing down her dream at 17 when she moved from Virginia to Los Angeles.

Singer-songwriter Josephina is on the brink of releasing a new track, and TooFab was lucky enough to get a live sneak peek.

The 20-year-old alternative-pop artist on the rise recently stopped by Studio TooFab to serenade us with her raspy, sultry, addictive new song, "Feelings," out Feb. 2. But Josephina is more than just a pretty face with unique vocal chops. She's got gumption -- and used it to post Vine videos behind her parents' back that ended up being good enough to catch the attention of the right industry folks.

It took some convincing, but Josephina decided to leave her home in Virginia Beach and move to Los Angeles when she was only 17. Since then she's been working tirelessly to make her dreams come true -- spending hours upon hours writing and recording songs she plans to include in her forthcoming EP, all without the assistance of a record label.

That's why this independent, Cuban-British firecracker is TooFab's TooGood Artist of the Month.

"I've been doing music ever since I was a little kid, and I've always wanted to do it." she said. "I actually did Vine for a little bit, and I made a couple videos, and people started liking my videos and reaching out to me. I was in school, and my parents had no idea I was even making videos at the time. I ended up moving out here when I was 17, finishing high school and just going for it."

In terms of musical inspiration, Josephina has a strong liking for Sia "because she writes like a badass" and SZA because "yes, SZA."

"I think honestly what sets me apart -- and this is gonna sound so corny -- is really just being myself," Josephina said. "It is one of the corniest things to say, but it's so true. I always say I respect so many other artists -- they inspire me -- but at the end of the day, as long as I'm doing me and doing the best version of myself that I can then that's what makes me unique. That's what makes me special."

"Feelings" drops Feb. 2. Until then, enjoy a few of her previous singles -- "Woosah" and "Pleasure and Pain" -- on repeat below.

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