RuPaul's Drag Race -- All Stars Cast

Thorgy spills the tea on Milk's meltdown, Chi Chi DeVayne's "garbage" neon look and why she loves the idea of a workroom spy for the judges.

Thorgy Thor had a Thorgy Thorn in her side on Thursday's episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3," calling conspiracy on a challenge where she felt the odds were stacked against her.

All the queens were asked to take part in a "Divas Live" competition that saw them impersonating legendary female artists like Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Diana Ross, with varying degrees of success. Thorgy was assigned Stevie Nicks, a musician she absolutely loved, but didn't feel was a gay power diva like the rest.

After her Stevie-fied interpretation of one of RuPaul's songs and her Ru-demption look left the judges wanting more, she was up for elimination. Shangela won the Lip Sync for Your Legacy battle and chose to keep her good friend Kennedy Davenport in the race, giving Thorgy the boot.

TooFab caught up with the eliminated queen Friday afternoon, as she opened up about feeling "set up" and the "full on meltdown" that didn't make air.

What was it like to watch the show back last night. You were at a viewing party right?

Oh yeah, I watched it live in front of everyone. I also watched when I got eliminated in Season 8 too. I never thought twice about it. I did good on the TV show, I did good again, I'm going to watch it live with my audience, who cares? People like that I have the balls, literally, to come and watch myself on national television. I'm also really big on sticking true to my Brooklyn fan base. I like that I'm keeping it local.

Watching it back after some time away, do you still feel like there was a conspiracy going on?

That's a little harsh, but I do feel like I was set up to fail, yes. I'm surprised they put that in the edit, the conversation I had with Shangela at the beginning of the episode, when I said, girl, you got comedic genius, then got comedic genius and then they wrote this crappy, unfunny thing for Stevie Nicks for me. I'm being set up to fail. I'm surprised they put it in the edit, but it's exactly what happened at the end of the episode.

Have you seen some of the fan reaction? There are definitely people agreeing with you.

I really haven't been reading, I've ben staying away from it. That's good. I just try and call it like it is, you try and be the good artist you are and do the best you can. I think smart people who watch things and have a brain will usually see the truth. That's nice that people are like, she really was kind of set up. I'm not complaining, but Jesus.

Do you think there was anything that you could have done differently?

No. Absolutely not. I also think I did a great job. I didn't fuck up, I looked great, I did a great job. Besides grow wings out of my back and fly across the stage, I don't know what else I could do.

Who do you think should have been in the bottom two?

That's tough to say. It's tough to say, I think I should have been in the bottom two. I can't answer that, that's just frustrating to me. I didn't feel like part of the episode at all. I didn't feel there. My voice did not matter. It could have been anybody in my position. I didn't bring any ... it just wasn't written well.

I thought, to be honest, Chi Chi should have been in the bottom two. I thought her neon look was garbage and really cheap and they raved about it. Also, her Patti, I didn't care for her look as Patti and they loved everything about it. And little things like Patti loses her shoe and kicks her shoes off, she didn't take her shoes off. I'm like, girl, that's a classic Patti LaBelle thing.

Do you find, generally, you agree with the judges critiques?

Sometimes they're spot on and I'm like, exactly. But then when they're not, it's usually because I'm coming from a place where I'm very aware and I just spent 48 hours with these people doing this. They see it for five seconds and then they judge it and I'm like, that's not at all fair to do because you have no idea what that person just did and now you're criticizing them for looking ... but they did it because of this. You always have to think about things in context. In this show you don't because you have seconds in front of these judges. When we don't agree, it's usually because I know more information than they do so it changes my opinion.

There's an online theory that Bebe is actually a spy for the judges, do you think that's a good idea to have someone who can report back to them with that they see in the work room?

I think that's a brilliant idea and if I ran the show and it was Thorgy's Drag Race, I'd absolutely plant a friend of mine to come back. Oh my god, that sounds like a brilliant idea.

Who do you think was your biggest competition once you found out who the contestants were?

My biggest competition going in there, just Trixie Mattel, flat out because she's just really talented, she also took over the world this year. I was just happy to see her, but also knew we had this variety talent show and knew she was going to bring an instrument with her and I was the other instrumentalist. But it turned out ... I really thought she was going to be big competition but she was just really fun to hang out with.

It's a tough place for me to be as an artist and a queen because we're all just so different, but then to be compared and eliminated based on different challenges, it's really like it's anybody's game but it's also really frustrating because everyone's so different.

You were dealing with your own drama when this was happening, but what did you think about Milk's meltdown over not being in the top and just being safe?

I didn't even know Milk had that meltdown, nobody told me that until I saw it. To be honest, I really thank the editing because when I had my moment when I broke out in tears, that was a full on meltdown. I was really upset and they just showed me wiping away a little tear. I was like, oh my god, thank you guys. I would love to see the original footage!

But Milk is like crazy, man! Really just this crazy edit on the show looking really overly confident, kind of a bitch, flipping out because she didn't win. It's like, girl, you're safe, you're good. I'm going home, what are you crying about?!

"RuPaul's Drag Race" airs Thursdays on VH1.