'RHOBH' Tea Time: Dorit Kemsley Throws Three Housewives Under the Bus in Just One Episode
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"I worry for Dorit because Vanderpump's gonna be really pissed when she finds out what Dorit has said," Lisa Rinna says Tuesday night.

Dorit Kemsley may have to go on a second apology tour after Tuesday night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

The episode picked up at Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave's beach house, where all the ladies were staying for the weekend. Erika Girardi ended up leaving Teddi's and sleeping at a hotel because she was "having the worst period of her entire life." That night, the rest of the crew stayed up late drinking, dancing and having fun. A few of the women -- mainly Teddi and Kyle Richards -- made comments about how they felt Erika leaving abruptly was "weird." Kyle even suggested the move may have been premeditated, but the comments were said in passing.

The next day when Erika came back to the house, Dorit decided to fill her in on what the ladies had said. Erika confronted Kyle and Teddi almost immediately, who both attempted to defend themselves, saying there was no shade intended.

"I'm really not too pleased about this," Erika said. "I had all intentions of staying at [Teddi's] house, but I wasn't feeling well and I wasn't getting any better, so I checked into a hotel. I don't know what the big deal is."

"I'm not mad," Kyle told Erika. "I don't care where you sleep, but I wished you would have stayed and had fun with us."

"This is becoming a bigger deal than it should be," Teddi added.

Somehow, both Erika and Teddi ended up in tears. Erika said she felt "embarrassed" that her time of the month got brought up, and Teddi said she felt Erika was brushing off her apology.

"I do feel for Teddi right now because she's made it abundantly clear that she's not that comfortable with entertaining," Lisa Vanderpump later said of the situation. "Suddenly, she's got all these high-maintenance women around her, and it clearly hasn't worked out, and it almost validates her fears."

Fast-forward to New York Fashion Week, where the ladies met up with Lisa Rinna, who's been busy running around town with her two model daughters, Delilah and Amelia Hamlin.

Rinna asked the ladies what drama she had missed since being in New York, and Dorit took full advantage that Kyle and Vanderpump were absent.

Dorit ended up telling Rinna what had just gone down at Teddi's beach house. She then rehashed the dinner she had with Kyle and Vanderpump, during which the latter stormed off.

"Lisa's said to me in the past, privately, 'Dorit, I really feel like sometimes when we're in a group, you get to talking with someone else and you don't even include me and you don't listen to me,'" Dorit said to Rinna and the other women. "She also said when I'm talking to her sometimes, she said I just talk, talk, talk, talk over her. I may have even said [to Kyle] maybe she was feeling jealous that I was talking to Kyle."

Rinna later told Bravo cams, "I worry for Dorit because Vanderpump's gonna be really pissed when she finds out what Dorit has said.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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