'RHOBH' Dinner Party from Hell Psychic Puts Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards on Blast
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"Kyle will still never be emotionally fulfilled," medium Allison DuBois says eight years later.

Psychic medium Allison DuBois still has a bad taste in her mouth after the infamous "Dinner Party from Hell."

It's been eight years since the explosive "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 1 episode that saw Camille Grammer hosting a dinner party that ended in disaster. ICYMI (and if you did, you really need to watch it, like, now), the electronic-cigarette-smoking psychic memorably told Kyle Richards that her husband, Mauricio Umansky, would never emotionally fulfill her. "Know that."

Camille was asked about the night in question on "Watch What Happens Live" on Tuesday and her answers really seemed to tick off DuBois (who inspired the NBC show "Medium").

When asked whether the two were still in contact, Camille said, "No I am not, unfortunately."

"She hates me," she added, "I think she thought I set her up ... It was epic though."

After the interview aired, DuBois tweeted, "Camille gave an interview this week and showed what a terrible friend she is. Not surprising since 8 years have passed. Crickets. No friend."

"Andy Cohen, give it a rest," she added. "They're still boring. Especially Kyle. You can change the players on the show, Kyle will still never be emotionally fulfilled. Kyle, he likes West Hollywood, what are you going to do?"

The reality star opened up about the explosive evening in a recent interview with TooFab as well, where Grammer said she can finally laugh about it now.

"It's something I can joke about," she said. "I watch the show from a different perspective, and I go, 'Wow, that was a really good episode.' Not necessarily what I said or what Allison said, but just watching the show with my producer's cap on. The way it played out, it brought drama, it brought conflict. It was good."

"And Allison -- as a character, who she is -- she makes for really good TV. She just was explosive," Camille continued. "It was like lighting in a bottle."

Camille said Allison received backlash from the episode, which she felt Allison blamed on her.

"I think she blames me for that," Camille said. "She had a lot of fallout from that [episode], and I did feel bad. A lot of fallout, unfortunately. She reached out to Kelsey, like, 'Kelsey please help me.' She reached out to me, like, 'Is there something you can do?' Andy [Cohen] reached out to her and said, 'Please come on the show and explain your side,' and she should have."

"She did herself a great disservice by not going on the show to explain what had happened that night because there's stuff that goes on that doesn't air," added Camille. "There's some backstory there that she could've explained, her behavior, because the girls weren't being nice to her at all."

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