All the Tea Kyle Richards and Bethenny Frankel Spilled on 'Watch What Happens Live'
Inside Kylie Jenner's Secret Pregnancy

The two dish on Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, Wendy Williams and which Housewife is the most fake.

Longtime friends and Housewives Kyle Richards and Bethenny Frankel stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday night, where they spilled the tea on everything from Kylie Jenner's pregnancy to Luann de Lesseps' arrest.

Fellow "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast mate Camille Grammer was sitting in the audience, and she also had a lot to say.

And yes, they even dished a little bit about each other as well.

Did the Kardashians Make Kyle Sign an NDA?

Kyle's been friends with the Kardashian family for years. They're so close, in fact, that she didn't even have to sign an NDA to keep Kylie's pregnancy a secret.

The second a caller said, "So Kyle, you went to the Kardashian Christmas, right?" Kyle rolled her eyes, yelling, "People think I'm the Kardashians' flippin' doula! People ask about Khloe's, Kim's and Kylie's pregnancies like I'm their doula. You know what? Sorry about your luck."

But Andy pressed the topic, asking Kyle if she had to sign an NDA.

"No, friends just don't do that kind of thing," Kyle said. "It was a given thing. Of course she was there and she was pregnant, but I'm asked about it all the time. The Kardashians know they don't have to tell me that."

"But how were you to know that she was keeping the pregnancy secret?" Andy asked.

"Because the whole world knew!" Kyle replied. "And obviously, as their friend, it's just a given. Don't talk about those things."

Luann's Recovery Following Her Arrest

Back in December, Luann was arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and two counts of corruption by threat. Before she was released, the judge reportedly suggested Luann may have a drinking problem.

According to Bethenny, Luann has since been committed to bettering herself.

"Luann's great," Bethenny said. "I can't say I'm surprised because Luann is the most resilient, strong woman I've ever met, maybe? And she hit the wall going 90, and the way you handle something when something bad happens is really character building, and it shows a lot about a person. She's taking care of herself, she's taking it seriously, she's not delusional about where she is. She's sort of on a path, and she's in a good place. She's very honest about exactly where she is, about what happened and about what her goals are. We spent time at a spa, and I'm honestly impressed."

"A spa fixes everything," Kyle joked.

Bethenny Throws Shade at Dorit Over #LateGate

When a caller asked Bethenny -- who's always punctual -- if she thought Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was being "a bit overdramatic" for leaving the restaurant after Dorit Kemsley left her waiting for 56 minutes, Bethheny went in on Dorit.

"No, I don't. I think time is really important, and I take it really seriously," Bethenny said, adding that she's only ever been late for one scene. "I'm never ever late, and I'm a pretty busy person, so yeah, no. What the hell is Dorit doing? Like, what the hell is she really doing? I designed 10 bathing suits this morning before breakfast. What the hell is she late for her meeting?"

Camille, who was sitting in the audience and has had her own issues with Dorit, almost fell out of her chair from laughing so hard.

Bethenny's Beef with Erika Jayne

Bethenny and Erika Jayne supposedly beefed during Season 6, and Andy wanted to know if they've since mended their friendship.

"Oh, that was so long ago," Bethenny said. "I may make an appearance on 'Beverly Hills' this season, and you might see Erika and I interacting."

"We ran into each other at Christina Aguilera's birthday party where she performed," she added. "We know people in common, I know her husband, so we're good."

Which Housewife Is The Most Fake?

A caller asked both Kyle and Bethenny which Housewife acts the most different off camera.

"I think it used to be Luann, and I don't think it will be Luann anymore," Bethenny said. Kyle had a much harder time answering the question, but Camille had no problem helping her out.

"I feel like with our cast, what you see is what you get," Kyle said. "I really do. Let's ask Camille that question!"

"Dorit," Camille said without batting an eyelash. "That's how I feel. She's more quiet [in private than she is on TV]. Depends if she's partying or not, let's be honest. I saw her in Malibu when she was in chill mode. She does talk a lot, no matter what."

Bethenny Fires Back at Wendy Williams

On Tuesday morning, Wendy Williams put Bethenny on blast, urging people to work for Bethenny for a month and then write a tell-all book.

"Good, do it," Bethenny responded, adding that she's received hundreds of applications and résumés to work for her. "It's not a playground."

Bethenny added, "[Wendy] loves to put me on blast and then say sorry and then invite me back on her show, I come on her show, then she slaps me again."

Bethenny's Current Relationship With Jill

A caller asked Bethenny if she's seen or spoken to Jill Zarin since husband Bobby Zarin's funeral last month.

Bethenny said she took her daughter, Bryn Hoppy, out of school early and went to Jill's house before the funeral.

"I surprised her, and we had a nice conversation," Bethenny said. "She walked in, and the first thing she said to me was, 'I begged Bobby to fix it. Fix it with Bethenny. Call her. Fix it.' And Bobby, who never said no to her, said, 'No, Jill, you have to figure it out yourself. You have to learn the lesson because you were wrong.' So it was amazing that she said that to me. And we had a really nice conversation. It was nice to hang out with Ally [Jill's daughter]. It was nice for Bryn to meet Jill. It was all really nice, and I knew it was making her feel really good in a very difficult time, so it felt really positive."

The Friendly Wed Game

Then during "The Friendlywed Game," Kyle and Bethenny were put to the test to see how well they knew each other's quirks. See how well they did in the video below.

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