Hollywood Drags Donald Trump for Blaming Parkland Florida Shooting on FBI Russia Investigation
48 Times Trump Pissed Off Hollywood in His First Year as POTUS

Jimmy Kimmel calls the president a "complete A-hole" for insensitive tweet, while Ricky Gervais thinks Trump is "absolutely shitting himself."

Donald Trump's latest tweet that captured the rage of Hollywood came late on Saturday night, as the president conflated the FBI Russian investigation with the Parkland, Florida shooting. Hollywood and many Americans erupted in outrage late into the overnight hours, picking up with renewed energy on Sunday morning.

As the survivors of the mass shooting that left 17 dead in a high school were proposing a march on Washington and holding a rally for stronger gun control in the United States, Trump tweeted that the FBI "missed all of the many signals" because "they are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign."

Many critics saw this as politicizing the tragedy, as well as trying to discredit the FBI as they are conducting an investigation into the 2016 election. It was only one in a series of tweets from the president throughout the night and early morning that many saw as insensitive and self-serving. In another, he went on again about the 2016 election, ending with the question, "But wasn't I a great candidate."

Below are some of the best tweets from Hollywood:

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