J. Law's Most Jaw-Dropping 'Red Sparrow' Press Tour Looks

After a few shots of rum, the "Red Sparrow" star calls Harvey Weinstein "an ass boil."

Jennifer Lawrence made herself right at home when she stopped by "The Late Show" Monday night.

After telling host Stephen Colbert all about her first late-night hosting gig -- subbing for Jimmy Kimmel and interviewing Kim Kardashian -- Lawrence grabbed his coffee mug. "Is this mine?" she asked, taking a sip. "Let's find out," Colbert replied jokingly.

The comedian then decided to make use of his mini fridge (seemingly for the first time ever) and offered the "Red Sparrow" star some Cuban rum.

"I keep a little something back there in case somebody wants something, but no one's ever really wanted a drink before," he said. "I've never done this."

"This will work!" she replied. "This will help bring my soul back, I know it."

After downing her drink, Lawrence grabbed Colbert's note card. "Let's see -- what else?"

Colbert proceeded to pour Lawrence another shot while she told him that she's taking the next year off to focus on her role in an organization that focuses on passing state-by-state legislation to get big money out of politics.

"When Trump got elected, my head spun off, and I have all these books, and I've like, really learned myself good, like about our government and comparing our economic system to Sweden's and Norway's," she explained. "Trust in their government versus trust in America's government, everything. Educated myself fully."

Lawrence said she went to speak at an Ohio high school and was stumped by the very first question.

"They were so smart!" she said. "And I was just like, well, I can't go to colleges anymore. I'm gonna start getting toddlers into politics -- starting at a real grassroots level."

Lawrence then took off her shoes and Colbert followed suit before asking the actress about how Harvey Weinstein recently "ill used" her in his defense.

"He is just that horrible ass boil that does not go away," she said. "You pop the ass boil -- he's just the worst. Like, when is it gonna end? In the middle of the night, I had to come up with a statement in London, and I was like, it's still not over? His awfullness is still happening?"

As Colbert poured the actress a third shot, he pulled up a photo of Lawrence and Amy Schumer at the latter's recent wedding.

"Amy said I scared some people," Lawrence explained. "I was flirting with Larry David all night, but it was very one-sided. I'm obsessed with Larry David, but he's not obsessed with me."

Lawrence then shouted, "I looooove rum! Big rum guy, turns out," before "officially uninviting" all her "haters" from going to see "Red Sparrow."