Celebrity Cheaters

"I'm sorry, S.E., I don't know what you know about their relationship," Whoopi Goldberg says.

With Stormy Daniels making headlines for her alleged affair with President Donald Trump, a lot of attention has turned towards Melania and her reaction to the never-ending reports about her husband's fidelity.

Whether or not she should make a run for it was the hot topic of the morning on "The View," where the women and guest co-host Anthony Scaramucci reacted to conservative pundit S.E. Cupp's op-ed urging Melania to "do for this generation of girls what Hillary did not do for mine, and leave her jerk of a husband."

Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the conversation by asking, "Would you tell Melania to get out of there?"

"No, stay there, darling," said Joy Behar. "First of all, you have all the money in the world, you have your kid, your parents came over from one of the USSRs and you don't have to sleep with him, it's a win win! Stay there."

"I think that she knows what she got into, so she doesn't need to get out of anything," said Sara Haines. "I think when you approach a marriage like this, there's more of an agreement than is realized." Haines added she believes Melania is annoyed about the headlines, "not because she's a scorned lover or she's angry about him" but as a mother worried bout her child.

Sunny Hostin thought it was "really rich" that Cupp was putting it all on Melania. "The bottom line is, this is about Trump's behavior and the fact that he is lacking basic moral values," she said. "And one of those values is his loyalty to his wife. Why are we putting it on a woman?"

Goldberg took issue with Cupp comparing Melania to Hillary Clinton, who dealt with her husband's own infidelity when he was president. "This is nothing like it was with Hillary," said Whoopi. "Hillary was the wife from giddy-up number one, Melania is number three and she came in, I'm sorry, S.E., I don't know what you know about their relationship. I don't know jack, but I don't know enough to tell her to leave somebody if she's perfectly comfortable."

"You make the decision that's right for you," she added. "We don't know what's going on with them. We'll see what happens. Melania knows what's up!"

Scaramucci didn't provide much insight into the conversation, with the former White House communications director instead trying to shift the focus to what Melania is like as a person and first lady.

"She's done a very good job. I know her personally, she's a very nice human being, a good mom," he said. "She's a real person and a great human being. I happen to have a lot of respect for her. Let's not let S.E. Cupp dehumanize her."

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