Anatomy of a Butt-Chugging Scene: 'Blockers' Director and Cast Break Down That Surprising John Cena Moment
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Sneak Peek at 'Blockers'

"Pants down, ass out, he was in it," says one of his co-stars.

For proof John Cena put his all into his upcoming comedy, "Blockers," look no further than one scene featured in its trailer: the butt chug.

To gain access to a party where he believes his daughter is trying to lose her virginity on prom night, Cena's character offers up his rear-end to a beer-filled funnel in what is easily one of the movie's most outrageous and memorable moments. And while it comes as a surprise to the protective dad in the film, it was something Cena was game for from day one.

"It was in the script that he read when he came in to audition and he signed on, so he knew what he was in for," director Kay Cannon told TooFab. "And you know, I quite frankly wouldn't have hired somebody who didn't want to do that scene. I wasn't interested in changing that scene at all to fit the actor because I think it just represents like how far will you go for your kid? And they're insane."

"He was game, he understood how funny it was and you know, I hope if people like it as much as it's being talked about, it becomes one of those iconic scenes," she added.

When it came to filming the moment, Cannon tried to keep it professional, but even the director couldn't keep her composure.

"With every single thing I was shooting, I'm often very stressed and very focused and I'm not like a huge laugher while they're shooting," she explained. "I shot all the elements of butt chugging all through the night and left John's coverage to the end where it's on him, just his face tight and I was just going to throw a bunch of jokes at him and just yell a bunch of stuff at him so he wouldn't have to be in that compromised situation for too long. And it was like 2:30 in the morning and I just get a case of the giggles so bad because I sort of like, sort of stepped out from myself to look at what we were doing. And John's like, 'What's the joke? What do you want me to say?' and he's like bent over and I couldn't get it out."

Geraldine Viswanathan, who plays Cena's daughter in the film, said she couldn't resist sneaking a peek at the monitors in video village while they were shooting.

"That was the main scene that I was like, 'I have to be on set for this,'" she said. "And it was honestly just so funny to watch, to watch him like bent over like that and also Leslie and Ike, how they were reacting to it was so funny." Viswanathan added she recently spoke with Cena about the scene and he told he he was, "completely comfortable and everyone around him was uncomfortable and he found that really funny."

Gideon Adlon, who plays Ike Barinholtz's daughter in the movie, said she wanted to "give John some privacy" for that one, but commended Cena for really going for it. "Pants down, ass out, he was in it," she said.

"We were on set that night and I remember thinking, 'Wait, what? That's happening? What's happening? John Cena is doing a butt chugging scene? No, no, no way,'" exclaimed Kathryn Newton, Leslie Mann's on screen daughter. "And then he did it. It was like, nothing. It was -- I mean, so amazing. He just was like, 'Alright, here we go.' But that's kind of how he is. He's so game for it all."

See Cena in all his glory when "Blockers" opens April 6, with free Spring Fling screenings in select cities on April 4. For now, check out a trailer for the film below.