The Most Savage Celebrity Clapbacks

"If I was you, I’d bring a bodysuit and latex gloves," says the WWE star.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson issued a threat to John Cena this week on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and Cena is ready to sit back and take it.

Speaking with the ABC late-night host on Tuesday, Johnson said the two are good friends, but if Cena ever "acts up," he will not hesitate to "knock his teeth so far down his throat that he'll stick a toothbrush up his ass to brush them." This line, it should be noted, is one Johnson also told Jason Statham's character in "The Fate of the Furious."

Jimmy Kimmel relayed the message to Cena on Wednesday, where he issued a fired up -- and very graphic -- response.

"Why would you say those things to me?" Cena exclaimed. "Listen up, Dwayne Johnson, if that is your real name. If you think you're making threats to me, by thinking shoving a toothbrush up my bum is a threat, I got some advice for you pal. And by pal, I totally mean my best friend, I don't mean it in an adversarial way. Watch 'Blockers' and then watch it again, because if you think shoving a toothbrush up my bum is a threat, you got news coming, pal. There's been a funnel up there, there's been a parking cone, there's more traffic in that region than a Monday on the 405 in both directions."

In one of "Blockers" most memorable scenes, Cena's character offers up his rear end to butt chug a beer to gain access to a party where he believes his daughter is losing her virginity on prom night.

"Let's analyze what a toothbrush does, it cleans, right" Cena continued, really overthinking this entire scenario. "So your threat to me is you want to clean my butt? Okay, pal, you got the job. But if I was you I'd bring a bodysuit and latex gloves 'cause down there is like a Mississippi cornfield in a downpour. It is just all mud and vegetation, pal. The question I have for you: Do you really wanna smell what John Cena's putting out?"

Have fun getting that image out of your head. "Blockers" opens Friday.

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