'Vanderpump Rules' SURver Scuffle: Jax Taylor Flips Off Lisa Vanderpump and Punches a Phone Booth in Public Meltdown
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Jax loses his mind at SUR, prompting him to go off on Scheana Marie, Tom Sandoval and even Lisa Vanderpump.

On Monday's "Vanderpump Rules," star Jax Taylor broke the golden rule and went off on Lisa Vanderpump.

After the group returned from their group trip to Mexico, Kristen Doute had to confront her boyfriend, Brian Carter, about the "cheating rumors" regarding her ex, James Kennedy. Carter was pissed and said he needed to chat with the others about the incident because Kristen doesn't have the best track record (true story). Meanwhile, James assured his girlfriend, Raquel, that nothing happened between him and Kristen. She smiled and giggled and moved on happily.

The real issue came after Jax decided to confront Adam, the cute new barback at SUR with whom Scheana Marie tried to set up with Jax’s girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. After Adam told Jax that Scheana was trying to set him up with Brittany while he was at Jax and Brittany’s apartment one night while everyone was hanging out, Jax lost it. But his rage was directed more so at Scheana, so he set out to find the former Mrs. Shay, who was also at SUR. (Do these people ever hang out anywhere else?)

En route to find Scheana, Jax found Brittany and asked, "So you're OK with your friend doing that? Going behind your back and trying to set you up with somebody else? Why would you allow that? Her out of all people? Divorce-o, who can't even keep a f-cking man to save her life?"

By this point, Jax was boiling. He ended up locating Scheana, who tried to tell him that it was never a setup. She just wanted Brittany to "go out, have fun and have her confidence boosted." He wasn't having it.

Then James confronted Jax about the rumor he felt Jax started about his alleged fling with Kristen. Poor Jax was getting it from all sides.

In walked Lisa and husband Ken Todd, who Jax was too fired up to even acknowledge. (Baaaaad move, friend.)

"I'm so f-cking tired of everyone flipping the goddamn script on me," Jax told Lisa after she scolded him for not greeting her when she arrived. "Flipping the f-cking script! F-ck you all! F-ck you all! Lying sacks of f-cking goddamn shit. F-ck you all. Oh, you know what? I'm gonna run around and say I'm drunk so I can f-ck whatever I want, too."

Then Lala Kent delivered the best line of the night: "Honey, you're not drunk, and you put your peepee in everything that walks."

Lisa tried to maintain her cool as she asked Jax to leave. He refused. Then Tom Sandoval tried to diffuse the situation, which only further infuriated Jax. As Jax stormed out of the restaurant, he flipped off Lisa, Ken, Tom and everyone within eyesight. He then took his mic off in a frenzy and punched a phone booth.

"Of all the places that you choose to have a meltdown, why choose the place that's paid your bills for the last seven years?" Lisa later said.

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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