'RHOBH' Take Over 'WWHL' and Drama Ignites When Lisa Vanderpump Shades Lisa Rinna
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Andy Cohen and the other Housewives go nuts when Lisa Rinna claps back.

The ladies of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" took over Tuesday night's "Watch What Happens Live" -- and it was more dramatic than all of Season 8 put together.

After an audience member asked Lisa Vanderpump what she really meant when she said Lisa Rinna wasn't as "engaged" this season, Kyle Richards legitimately fell out of her chair.

"That seemed a little shady," the woman posing the question said, to which Vanderpump responded, "Oh, shade is my strength! It was meant to be shady."

Vanderpump went on to say that Rinna has been talking about "getting rid of the old girls" -- referencing her and Kyle, two of the franchise's OGs -- but Rinna asserted that's not what she said.

"She just said that the show needs new blood," host Andy Cohen added, trying to diffuse the situation. "She didn't say that you should get rid of the old girls."

"You know what, you're a shit stirrer right now," Rinna fired at Vanderpump. "You didn't listen to [my interview], so you don't know!"

(Cue Kyle dramatically falling off the couch and fainting onto the floor.)

We didn't think it was possible, but the shade got even more real after an audience member asked the ladies what their taglines for each other would be.

Vanderpump said Rinna should "go back to selling dusters and diapers," to which Rinna replied, "And guess what, honey? Do you know how much I've made on those dusters and diapers? A lot more than your restaurants, I'm sure."

(Cue Kyle dramatically falling off the couch and fainting onto the floor again.)

"See what happens when you wake up a sleeping tiger?" Andy said after he collected himself.

And in a final moment of pure gloriousness, an audience member told Andy she wanted to give him a second chance to be her son-in-law (which was weird), then she asked Dorit Kemsley, "Which glass goes well with coke?" The question was an obvious reference to Rinna's "coke den" accusation during last year's explosive dinner in Hong Kong.

"I wouldn't know, Sour Patch!" Dorit replied after the question finally clicked. "I wonder why your son's having trouble getting married!"

Rinna physically got up from the couch and walked away as the remainder of the Housewives, Andy and every audience member lost their shit.

On a much lighter note, the women all also played a game where they'd get a puppy if they copped to getting a series of plastic surgeries Cohen listed off. To find out who's done what -- including lipo, boob jobs and more -- watch the video below.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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