Samuel L. Jackson LOLs So Hard at Twitter Complaint Over This Trump Diss
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And introduces us to our favorite new hashtag, "#somedicktriedit"

Samuel L. Jackson is not one to censor himself, so naturally he got a big kick out of an angry Twitter follower trying -- and failing -- to censor his criticism of President Donald Trump.

The actor -- who has a reputation of cursing like a motherf-cker in his movies and IRL -- shared the receipt for the complaint on Instagram Thursday, along with the caption, "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, woooooooooooo! Gotta catch my breath.#somedicktriedit."

The tweet in question was a dig at Trump for demanding NFL players stand for the national anthem before football games. "I want proof, the muthafukker (sic) demanding folks stand for the anthem actually knows the words to the anthem," Jackson tweeted on Tuesday.

Trump has been spotted flubbing the lyrics to multiple patriotic songs he claims to have so much respect for. Most recently, he struggled to sing along to "God Bless America" at a White House event arranged to celebrate patriotism after the president disinvited Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles, from visiting earlier this week. Before that, he had trouble singing along to "The Star-Spangled Banner" (AKA, the national anthem) before the 2018 College Football National Championship.

Despite the complaint (below), Twitter did not take any action against Jackson.

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