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Codi told us that he was in fact "very serious" about dating Candace and all he wanted was a "chance." He added that he was even hoping for a "possible relationship" with her.

Codi Butts says romance is still a possibility with Candace Rice, despite being turned down by her over and over again.

Much of Monday night's episode of "Floribama Shore" concentrated on Codi attempting to woo Candace, whether by making her jealous by hooking up with other girls or literally begging on his knees to ask her out on a date. Candace even waffled a bit by briefly agreeing to a date before eventually turning him down at the last minute. However, even a brokenhearted Codi knows what it really means to be a Southern gentleman and spilled to TooFab about his code of ethics and whether or not he still has a shot with Candace.

"I think a gentleman is somebody that is number one, respectful to women," he began. "Number two, not only that, but you open the car door, you open up the door for a lady, you pull her chair out, you just slide her up to the table, you know, if she needs her steak cut, you cut a steak for her.

"I mean you ain't her servant, but I mean you are very courteous to her and treat her with respect," he continued. "You don't talk down to her, you don't belittle in front of people or, or even behind closed doors and you damn sure don't put your hands on a woman ever."

The most drama-filled part of the episode, however, was when Codi had to put his Southern gentleman skills to the test when it came to trying to convince Candace to go out with him. Although fellow housemate Nilsa Prowant explained that she would "put money" on the two hooking up this summer, Candace wasn't immediately sold as she was torn between the uncertainty of her relationship with her "boo thang" Gator.

Candace didn't really believe that Codi was serious about dating her, because he was always hooking up with girls. However, we later learn in the episode that Codi was just doing this to make Candace jealous, even with Aimee Hall last summer.

Codi eventually wore Candace down and begged on one knee for her to let him take her on a date. Candace agreed and Codi was ecstatic. Unfortunately, after hearing Gator's reaction on the phone, Candace called off her date with Codi and he was crushed.

Codi told us that he was in fact "very serious" about dating her and all he wanted was a "chance." He added that he was even hoping for a "possible relationship" with Candace.

"I was going to see where this was going to go," he said. "I wasn't going to pressure her into doing something she didn't want to do, nor was I going just completely throw myself at her and make a fool of myself. I wouldn't let her know that I'm being genuine and being serious."

"I was very serious," he continued. "But I come off as very flirtatious and fun-loving and always trying to have a good time. So I can see where she thought that I was probably not serious and I'm trying to, you know, tell her that I am serious, just give me a chance and I can show you how serious I can be.

The next episode teases that Gator will be making an appearance in the house, but when we asked Codi if he's going to be giving up, he stressed that we might not have seen the end of Candace and Codi just yet.

"I will say this," he said. "I can let you know that there might be a situation where we get to actually really go on a date. So round one didn't really work out as planned, maybe round two you reckon to see Codi and Candace go on a date. I don't know."

"Floribama Shore" airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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