The Evolution of Mama June

"So you're saying I just put butt water on my face?" a sugar-high Alana squeals.

Honey Boo Boo may have drank some (honey) doo doo...

In a preview for Friday night's episode of "Mama June: From Not to Hot," Alana accidentally drinks "butt water" after eating a spicy piece of chocolate.

While in Las Vegas for her sister Pumpkin's wedding, Alana is living her best life munching on all of the candy that their Planet Hollywood hotel room has to offer, including gummy bears and piles of chocolate truffles.

In the clip exclusive to TooFab, Alana expresses to Mama June and her boyfriend Geno that she "never" wants to leave Vegas, because the amount of goodies is "awesome."

"This is why you don't bring kids to Vegas," June explains.

Geno tells Alana that she doesn't "need" anymore sweets, because she's so "damn high" on sugar she "can't even think."

But Alana, who is already mid bite, didn't have a second to take in Geno's advice as the chocolate she bit into is "f--king hot."

"Who put chilies in chocolate?" Alana screams. "Oh my god, it's too hot!"

Alana runs to the bathroom searching for water and finds a water "fountain" to quench her thirst.

"Did you guys know there's a fountain in your bathroom?" Alana happily squeals.

June and Geno look at each other, knowing that Alana didn't find a water fountain, but a bidet.

Watch the entire bidet fiasco in the clip below.

"Alana, that's not a fountain," June informs her. "That's what you wash your butt with."

"That is butt water," Geno adds.

"So you're saying I just put butt water on my face?" Alana says incredulously.

As June couldn't control her laughter, Geno tells Alana that he hopes that she didn't put the water in her mouth. In response, Alana yells "butt water" and runs out of the bathroom, answering Geno's question. Yes, she did drink the bidet water.

"Mama June: From Not to Hot" airs Friday night at 9 pm EST on WeTV.

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