Every Reason Twitter Freaked Out During the 2018 MTV VMAs
Every Red Carpet Look You NEED to See at MTV VMAs

Cardi B looking fine, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson being cute, and Kevin Hart bombing already have Twitter talking.

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards kicked off Monday night without a host, but Twitter doesn't need an MC to talk trash on celebrities in attendance when fans are already doing it from home.

Or in the case of the cutest couple inside Radio City Music Hall, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, fans are just swooning. But Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish weren't so lucky, with their presentation for the Best Hip Hop Video getting roasted.

We'll be updating this post throughout the show. Here's why Twitter freaked out, so far.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

This couple is cute and just keeps getting cuter, much to the delight of everyone watching them. When they weren't packing on the PDA, they were spotted running away from the long line of photographers on the red carpet, and fans on Twitter collectively swooned over the cutie pies every time MTV cut to the couple on camera once they were inside the building. In her acceptance speech for her first win of the evening, she thanked her fiancΓ© for existing.

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish Aren't That Funny

They may be two of the biggest comedians on the planet right now, but MTV viewers sure didn't think they were acting like it when they presented Nicki Minaj with the Best Hip Hop Video award. The general verdict is that their jokes were lame, with the exception of that jab at Fifth Harmony. We giggled at that one, too.

Cardi B Gets Has Peopling Talking for Soooo Many Reasons

She looks fine after giving birth a few weeks ago, she pulled a baby fake out when she kicked off the show to present a Shawn Mendes performance, and of course people are busy debating if she's a better hip-hop artist than Nicki Minaj, who beat out Cardi in the Best Hip Hop Video category. Perhaps in a nod to her rivalry with Minaj -- who just released an album called "Queen" -- she declared, "I am the empress!"

Shawn Mendes Gets Wet and His Fans Go Wild

The singer kicked off the hostless evening with a performance of his hit "In My Blood," and his admirers' eyes nearly bugged out of their skulls when he treated viewers to a one-man wet t-shirt contest. With over 66,000 tweets and counting mentioning his name, he was definitely one of the most popular stars of the evening.

Everyone Loves Blake Lively

Anna Kendrick got some love from Twitter too as they presented Ariana Grande an award and promoted their upcoming thriller, "A Simple Favor," but viewers were mostly obsessed with Lively's look for the evening. She may have snagged the record for showing the least amount of skin at the VMAs ever.

Logic Declares 'F--k the Wall' and Everyone Cries

The rapper got points from viewers for tackling another major issue during his performance of "One Day" with One Republic's Ryan Tedder. This year he targeted President Donald Trump's proposed border wall, wearing a shirt that read "F--k the Wall," with a small army of immigrants and activists behind him wearing shirts that read "We Are All Human Beings."

"Bring us your tired, your poor, and any immigrant who seeks refuge. Together, we can build not just a better country, but a world that is destined to be united," Logic said to further his point. See the appreciation for his performance below.

Viewers Baffled Post Malone Won Song of the Year

"Rockstar" took home Song of the Year, and fans are baffled how it managed to topple hits from Drake, Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. Others still can't get over his appearance, in general.

J.Lo Busts Out 'Get Right' During Vanguard Performance

Jennifer Lopez busted out her 2005 bop "Get Right" and fans were so, so grateful for this blast from the past. Some just were really bummed she didn't bring the cane from the music video with her.

Cardi B Beats Hayley Kiyoko for Best New Artist

Hayley and Cardi's fan armies were duking it out hard all night on Twitter as votes decided who would be the winner, and in the end, the "Bodak Yellow" singer won out, leaving Hayley's fans crushed and confused, seeing as they saw her hashtag, #VoteHayleyKiyoko, trending high on the platform all night. Many are suspecting the vote was rigged, but at least she won MTV's Push Artist of the Year.

Travis Scott Honors Aretha Franklin, Rubs #1 Album in Nicki Minaj's Face

Minaj was not happy to discover her new album "Queen" did not shoot to No. 1 on the charts, and even vented on Twitter about it Monday morning. But the rapper whose album, "Astroworld," stayed on top of the charts for a second week in a row made sure the world knew during his VMAs performance. He also impressed viewers by being the first star in attendance to give Aretha Franklin a shoutout on stage before Madonna's tribute.

'The Hills' Are Alive Again -- But Can They Really Live Without Lauren Conrad?!

MTV gathered a few familiar stars of "The Hills" to announce a reboot series, "New Beginnings," but without Lauren Conrad appearing to be involved, fans of the original hit aren't on board yet. The series returns in

Camila Cabello Wins Artist of the Year and Video of the Year

By the end of the VMAs, over 300,000 tweets mentioned the "Havana" singer, and most of them were celebrating the 21-year-old taking home two of the biggest awards of the night. It doesn't hurt that one of those honors was handed down directly from the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

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