'RHONY' Bad Apple of the Week: Bethenny Battles Carole, Cast Reveals They Knew Luann Was Drinking
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Part 2 of the "RHONY" reunion tackles Dorinda's drinking, Luann's drinking and a full-blown war between Bethenny and Carole.

If you thought Part 1 of the "Real Housewives of New York" reunion was insanely dramatic, you'll need to take a seat for Part 2.

Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley, Carole Radziwill and Tinsley Mortimer all reconvened Wednesday evening to continue tearing each other to shreds -- and things got very heated, very quickly.

The most triggering topics included Dorinda's drinking, Luann's drinking (yup, they all knew it was happening) and Bethenny's completely disintegrated friendship with Carole.

Let's dive in.

Dorinda's Drinking

Despite countless drunken mishaps this season, Dorinda maintained that she did not have a drinking problem. She said she noticed her drinking getting carried away last fall and had to "check herself." She now goes to therapy once every two weeks and talks to her mom. Carole and Ramona admitted they've been concerned about Dorinda's drinking in the past but didn't elaborate further.

When Andy Cohen played back the cringe-worthy clip of Dorinda verbally attacking Luann in Cartegena ("An ex-Countess who doesn't have her Countess-ship anymore? Why don't you drink some more wine and get arrested, honey? A felony."), she asserted she was not drunk. Some of the other ladies, including Sonja, thought otherwise.

Ramona had Dorinda's back, saying she thought a woman who had just come out of rehab had no place commenting on another person's drinking habits. Dorinda said she was still hurt by Luann's comments and wanted a better apology from her.

Andy then read her a question from a fan, asking if she felt she needed rehab. She said she didn't because she hadn't been arrested. Bethenny chimed in that an arrest is not the only reason to get help. "Luann hit a bottom," Bethenny said. "Some would argue that saying to your friend who just got out of rehab is an ex-Countess felon might be a bottom."

"I disagree," Dorinda replied. "Next question. Andy."

Everyone except Bethenny agreed Lu still owed Dorinda an apology. Bethenny maintained Dorinda should have been more sensitive. Dorinda didn't take well to that, telling Bethenny she had gone over and beyond the call of duty during Luann's darkest days.

Regarding Luann inviting Tinsley's boyfriend to her show and not Dorinda's, everyone except Bethenny felt Lu was in the wrong.

Luann's Drinking

Luann was absent from the reunion because she had entered herself into rehab for a second time the weekend before they shot the show. Andy asked the ladies to be as forthcoming as possible while discussing Luann's drinking -- and what they revealed was actually quite shocking.

"She had taken a bit of a turn, and I think the recent situation with her family certainly didn't help the matter," Bethenny said, bringing up the recent lawsuit filed against her by her ex-husband, Count Alexandre de Lesseps, and two children, Noel and Victoria. According to the paperwork, Lu was allegedly supposed to set up a trust fund for the kids when she sold the original house, which she didn't do.

Ramona said the lawsuit was "the straw that broke the camel's back and pushed her over the edge."

"Now I can bring it up because of everything," Ramona said, "but in Mexico, I told her things that I knew for a fact about Tom, and she's like, 'Oh, my God. Oh, my God. If Noel knew. Don't tell anybody because if Noel knew, he'd die!' I go, 'I'm not gonna tell anybody, but you need to know this and deal with it and figure it out.'"

"You told her this off camera," Andy added, to which Ramona replied, "Yeah, in Mexico, before she fell. That's why she fell."

"Well, she had also had 18 tequilas," Andy said, to which Dorinda added, "Because of what she heard from Ramona."

Ramona added she had seen Luann drunk and "out of it" on a number of occasions after their Mexico trip. She was even escorted out of Hotel Beacon.

Even Bethenny admitted she knew Luann had been drinking. "I would say that she did not come to [the decision to enter rehab] entirely on her own," she said. "There were a few people there, and it was the right thing to do. It was a very, very emotional and crazy weekend."

Everyone agreed, Andy included, Lu hid her drinking fairly well even though there were times when she seemed "off."

Bethenny vs. Carole

Oy, vey. Where do we even begin with these two?

It's safe to say Bethenny and Carole are completely over because they both brought receipts to the reunion.

The back and forth was difficult to follow, but in summation: Bethenny was mad Carole "changed" and started hanging out with other people and not including her. She also felt Carole was short with her when she congratulated her on completing the marathon. She said every attempt she made at repairing their relationship was met with a one-word answer. Bethenny also felt Carole was not as generous or supportive with her Puerto Rico mission as she could have been.

Carole's issue with Bethenny was that Bethenny bad-mouthed her sometimes-boyfriend, Adam, on numerous occasions. She also felt Bethenny bullied her during her confessionals. Carole said she never thought Bethenny had any real intentions of repairing their friendship, calling her "dismissive and condescending." Bethenny also accused Carole of not having a career.

The two then began to disagree about a conversation they had regarding Bethenny allegedly asking Carole not to speak to the other women about her on camera. Out come the receipts. Bethenny pulled out a folder of printed-out text messages. Carole whipped out her phone. It was game on.

The insults were flying -- from age-shaming to career-shaming to family-shaming. But it wasn't until Andy brought up that there was blame on both sides that Carole snapped on him.

Carole vs. Andy

Andy brought receipts, too, pulling up Carole's blog posts from the season and reading off a whole paragraph dedicated to bashing "narcissist" Bethenny.

Bethenny asked Carole where she got her degree, to which Carole replied, "No one needs a medical degree; you just need two eyes."

"You were the one who said on television that I don't have a career," Carole continued. "Is this what you call female empowerment, Bethenny?"

When Bethenny tried to argue that Carole's blog posts weren't necessarily empowering either, Carole fired back that she was simply holding Bethenny "accountable" for the things she said about her this season.

The two were going back and forth about whose résumé looks better and who bashed who when Andy interrupted: "You bashed each other on the show."

"You're so full of shit, Andy," Carole shot back. "I didn't bash her on the show. I didn't bash her on the show! Are you kidding me? You're afraid of her, too? Oh, my God."

Andy sarcastically replied, "Yeah, I'm afraid of her."

"The Real Housewives of New York" reunion concludes Wednesday, September 5 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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