Superman Fans Lash Out After Warner Bros. Reportedly Dumps Henry Cavill -- But His Manager Gives Hope
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According to a new report, studio may be ditching Superman altogether, shifting focus to Supergirl.

There may have been another major shakeup in the DC Universe and Superman fans don't seem to be happy about it. Henry Cavill has left the franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 35-year-old actor has played Clark Kent and his superhero alter ego in three films: "Man of Steel," "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Justice League." THR reported neither Warner Bros. or the actor has confirmed so far, but said contract talks between the two parties broke down while trying to figure out how to get Cavill's Superman to make a cameo in April 5 release "Shazam!"

Cavill's rep has not yet responded to TooFab's request for comment. But there is still hope: the actor's manager shared a cryptic tweet Wednesday morning, stating "the cape is still in his closet."

Either way, the news shot to the top of Twitter on Wednesday, with both the actor's name and the beloved superhero dominating the top trends.

This blow to the franchise comes after Batman actor Ben Affleck reportedly walked away from his role, leaving Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman as most likely contender to become the new face of the DC movies, although THR also reported the studio has shifted its focus to a Supergirl movie -- another origin story...yay. But it all makes some sense, considering "Wonder Woman" was the only movie in the franchise, so far, to receive critical acclaim. Both "BvS" and "Justice League" bombed with critics. "Man of Steel" got mixed reviews, standing with a 55 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the poor reviews for the films, Cavill was largely considered to be a good Superman, and his departure is making fans even more nervous about an already troubled franchise. And it doesn't appear that DC fans want Superman to disappear from the movies, either, although it sounds like THR may have gotten some details wrong, so we're eagerly anticipating some clarification from the studio and will update this post when we get it.

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