Football Fans Sack The Chainsmokers for 'Terrible' Guest Picking on 'College GameDay'
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The pop duo was booed by college football fans on camera and off.

The Chainsmokers are experiencing some negative "Side Effects" of appearing on ESPN's "College GameDay."

The EDM-pop duo, that consists of Alex Pall and Andre Taggart, were chosen to be guest pickers again on the college football pre-game show in Ann Arbor for the Wisconsin vs. Michigan game. Many fans watching were angry that the "Closer" singers, who were booed throughout the show, nabbed the sports gig again and that the network didn't choose a athlete or sports figure instead.

However, what was more upsetting to football fans was that the band justified their picks by non-sports related reasons, like colleges that were located by their favorite bar or strip club. So, naturally, viewers railed on the pop stars on Twitter.

"Katy Perry probably knew more about college football than the Chainsmokers," a viewers tweeted, and another wrote, "My favorite part is that The Chainsmokers have no idea why and think they are just picking the wrong team every step of the way."

Others said they didn't even know who the Chainsmokers were and asked why they were on television show about football to begin with.

Read the most savage tweets below.

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