Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Puts Ellen's EP Through 'The Titan Games' Mount Olympus Challenge
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"The Titan Games" host and creator teases Andy, who gamely -- if not enthusiastically -- tackles the brutal physical challenge.

When it comes to physical prowess, there is nothing average about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and there is everything average of "Ellen" executive producer Andy Lassner. Nevertheless, Ellen DeGeneres sent him to tackle Johnson's "Titan Games" set.

With a format similar to the classic "American Gladiators" the "Titan Games" arena is filled with challenges that push competitors to their physical peak of performance. In the actual show they'll be competing against The Rock's Titans, competitors who've proven themselves already.

Andy only had to compete against his own insecurities and jumpy nature. And we're not kidding about that. If you died at how jumpy Andy was in a haunted house with Chrissy Teigen, you won't be surprised at him physically jumping every time there's a loud noise in the arena, even if it is clearly hundreds of yards away.

"Are you nervous?" Dwayne asked him.

"Um, yeah, 'cause fitness really isn't my thing."

"Really? I couldn't tell."

Andy later whined about his back hurting from tackling stairs and even getting worn out getting geared up to take on Mount Olympus, which looks downright intimidating.

"I'm ready to disappoint a lot of people," Andy said when he was poised to begin. And Dwayne wasn't just letting him do a dry run of the gauntlet. No, he had the place filled with an audience. It looked like he might have been filming actual episodes of the show, only taking a break to produce this segment for Ellen.

The audience was eating it up as Andy absolutely tackled the course in spectacularly average fashion. Did he conquer Mount Olympus and earn the praise of The Rock and his enthusiastic audience? You'll have to watch the clip to find out.

Did the announcers make lots of pithy comments about his performance through his entire run? Yes. Yes they did. But no matter how it turned out, you know Ellen is proud of him and can't wait to subject him to further challenges and embarrassment.

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