Mariah Reveals 'Humiliating' Michelle Obama Moment, 'Mortifying' Meryl Memory & Drinks with Britney
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The one and only Mariah Carey was Andy's only guest on "Watch What Happens Live" and she was ready to spill on (almost) everything.

Mariah Carey dropped by the "Watch What Happens Live" clubhouse and dished on everything from Aretha to Cardi to Meryl to the inexplicable rise of her album, "Glitter."

The "elusive chanteuse" was Andy Cohen's only guest on the night, leaving him room to weave all throughout her career, covering highlights, avoiding drama and even the release of her 15th studio album, "Caution."

Carey talked about iconic collaborations she's done, ones she would like to do, and Andy put in her head the idea of doing an album of duet performances of her number one hits. We're not gonna lie, that might be a million-dollar idea.

She also had to give a shout-out to her fans for turning her career low into a fresh new high by catapulting the "Glitter" soundtrack album to the top of the iTunes Album Charts, as well as several Billboard charts, this past week through a concentrated social media campaign.

One moment that didn't make its way online was Carey sharing a mortifying memory with Michelle Obama, as she played a game called "All I Want for Christmas Is Who?" After a photo flashed from the 2013 National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in 2013, she explained, "Rocky spit up on Michelle Obama's dress, and it was one of the most humiliating things that ever happened to me." She added, "She was like, 'Thanks to you, I'll never be able to wear this dress again, Rocky. So thank you." Rocky, of course, is son Moroccan.

She also spilled on a dinner party with Britney Spears, saying, "There were a couple things that happened that night. There were cocktails, there was other stuff ... it was great, we love her." When Andy asked if he knows her at all -- not in the shady "I don't know her" way" -- she added, "We've been around each other a couple times. From the beginning, when I first met her, she was always a sweetheart."

Check out all the highlights from her candid chat with Andy Cohen below:

"Redemption for 'Glitter'"

Mariah couldn't help but celebrate what her fandom has done for her in recent weeks, by catapulting her only certified dud to the top of the charts. It's previous peak was at number seven, the week of its 2001 debut.

The achievement came through a concerted effort by her fans through the hashtag #JusticeForGlitter in an attempt to redeem the album as misunderstood and ahead of its time. This, of course, led one fan to ask if Mariah will reconsider performing any music from the album on her upcoming tour.

"Since the lambley got 'Glitter' to number one, they've lifted this huge burden of having to feel like I can't do stuff from "Glitter" because nobody knows it or whatever," Carey said, giving a shout-out for the fans and the hashtag. "I'm gonna say yes, we're gonna put together perhaps a medley."

So for all you "Loverboy" fans out there, it might be time to line up for tickets to Mariah's next movie. And if the album is getting it's new day in the sun, should we be giving the film a second chance, too? Nah, we'll stick to her amazing performance in "Precious."

"The Three of Us Could Do a Collaboration"

When speaking of collaborations, Andy asked if Mariah would be interested in collaborating with Cardi B. After all, everyone else is these days, and Mariah's had some amazing collaborations throughout her career, and even on her latest album.

"I would love for that to happen," she said, pointing out that a track from the new album that Andy had been playing, "A No No," was originally a Lil Kim song. "We love Kim. I was hoping that the three of us could do a collaboration."

And yes, she occasionally referred to herself in the royal "we" but when you're Mariah Carey you can get away with that. Not that she was saying she was royalty, mind you.

Oh, and don't get your hopes up for a collab between Mariah and Nicki Minaj anytime soon. After their disastrous time together on "American Idol," Nicki has officially fallen into Mariah's "I don't know her" category.

"That's the Queen of Soul"

Mariah knew how to defer to true royalty, referring to the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin, Of course someone was going to bring up the original "Divas Live," which saw Mariah share the headliner's spotlight with Aretha.

So was she excited to sing with one of her musical idols?

"I was very intimidated and didn't want to perform with her," Mariah admitted. "Everybody else was like, 'Let me have it.' And I'm not saying anything against anybody else, but I felt there was a thing where it was like they wanted to be able to say they took her on. I was like, I'll be with the background singers, okay? That's the Queen of Soul."

Mariah did dish a little about the rumored behind-the-scenes drama involving Aretha, and she did it in an amazing Aretha impression that left Andy's jaw hanging wide open. Who knew she had killer impressions like that?

"She said to me, 'Mariah they're playing games, and I'm not having the games. So we won't be rehearsing tonight,'" Mariah said, and her take on Aretha was so spot-on, we could picture the Queen of Soul speaking just like that. Unfortunately, that proposition only left her more terrified for the live performance.

But Mariah wouldn't dish anymore, though she nearly did, instead teasing, "I'm working on my memoirs." Well then, we smell another number one coming down the line, and on a whole different chart.

"Please Say I Didn't Do That"

That doesn't mean she feels worthy all the time of sitting in that number one spot, especially if it's literally the seat of the number one female actress of the modern era, as she accidentally did at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

"Oh my god, that was so mortifying," Mariah said. "She had spoken to me when I did 'Precious,' and she was so sweet. I was like, I can't believe Meryl Streep is talking about a performance in a movie that I did. It's Meryl Streep, like, you don't expect it."

But with a good rapport like that with someone like that, the last thing Mariah wanted to do was mess it up. "When I sat in her seat, I was like, 'I didn't do that, please say I didn't do that,'" Mariah said. "But she was like, 'You can sit in it any time.' She was very festive, she was very cool about it."

Admittedly, as much as Meryl is the queen of her particular entertainment domain, Mariah is quite probably her pop equivalent. We suspect the admiration between the women is mutual.

"I Wrote It and It Makes Me Proud"

Elsewhere, Carey admitted to her favorite songs to perform -- because she hasn't had a chance to rock that "Glitter" soundtrack yet -- while preferring not to mention any she doesn't like ("If it's my least favorite, I won't be performing it.")

"No one's gonna believe this," Mariah said as preface. "People that know me are gonna be like, yeah right, why would you suddenly say that after all these years? I'm gonna go with 'Hero' and 'All I Want for Christmas Is You.'"

Carey is understandably very proud of her modern Christmas classic which has become a showstopper. And she has a similar reason for choosing "Hero."

"It's usually the last song I do, if I do it, and everybody's holding up their lighters or their phones," she said. "And honestly, I get a little bit emotional because I'm like, you know what? How many times have I done this song? But there's always one person that has like a specific memory associated with the song and I wrote it and it makes me proud."

They also chatted briefly about misconceptions about Mariah, and other than her diva status -- which is certified, verified and ain't nobody mad at her about it -- the one that bothers her the most is that so many people don't recognize her for her talents as a songwriter.

17 of her 18 chart-topping singles she wrote as well, while her catalog serves as her life story as told through song.

The latest chapter of that story, "Caution," was released on November 16.

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