Jennifer Lopez's 'Second Act' Premiere Gown Stole the Show

The best friends and "Second Act" costars also talk about the evolution of celebrity on "The Late Late Show" and J.Lo explains that crazy premiere dress.

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini need to do more projects together, if only so we can see them try and do impressions of one another again, as they did on "The Late Late Show" Wednesday night.

The best friends and "Second Act" costars are both from New York, with Jennifer hailing from the Bronx while Leah Remini's roots are in Brooklyn. Both have distinctive accents, and as J.Lo pointed out, even within the boroughs there are differences.

Of course, it's all very foreign to James Corden, so he asked if the women could help him to better understand their respective accents and maybe do an impression of it.

The late-night host has a lot of work to do in perfecting both of them, but we absolutely loved hearing both Jennifer and Leah revert back to the accents of their upbringings that have been softened in the years since they lived "on the block."

Even better, after stumbling his way through their voices and learning the difference between Italian talking hands and Puerto Rican talking hands, he asked if the women could do impressions of one another.

"No," Leah said immediately. And then Lopez tried to do Brooklyn Italian and it was ... not great. "See what I’m saying. What was that?" Leah asked.

It escalated from there until J.Lo was on her feet giving the full body gestures and it escalated into the kind of bickering fight anyone with a best friend recognizes all too well. At least, until Leah threatened to mess up J.Lo's messy bun.

"Don't," Jennifer said sternly, suddenly all business, which cracked James up even more.

Later, he pulled out a picture from the premiere to try and get to the bottom -- or maybe the end -- of Jennifer's unique and very lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong premiere dress. Already an image of her in the van on the way to the event with the dress' massive train piled up next to her has gone viral.

"How many ballerinas died to make this dress?" James asked.

When coming up with it, Jennifer said she did have a moment's hesitation. "I thought, too much?" she admitted, but settled on, "Nah."

In some alternate universe, Jennifer's dress is still making its way into the theater for the "Second Act" premiere, but in the meantime you can check it out in the clip below.

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