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Proving that anything can happen, all it takes is one unexpected Houseguest to rise to power and everything changes in a heartbeat.

The latest hour of "Celebrity Big Brother" basically packed an entire week's worth of "Big Brother" into one episode.

We kicked things off with Tamar Braxton emerging victorious with her first competition win. As the new Head of Household, she quickly turned her sights on the power couple that had been ruling the house for over a week now and put both Tom Green and Kato Kaelin on the block together.

With everyone in the house gunning for them, the guys needed a miracle, or a Power of Veto win, to save their skin. Tamar was open to the idea of backdooring one of her roommates should either man get off the block (her eye was on Natalie over Lolo).

She also sorta solidified her alliance with Kandi Burruss, though they're still not on the same page strategically. Still, Tamar needs a rider-or-die, and she could do worse. As far as she's concerned, their beef is mostly squashed. And they're more alike than they want to admit, as both see the threat that is Lolo, Natalie and Ricky.

This late in the game, that is definitely the biggest threat in the house. Tamar might have been wise to take a shot at them while she had the chance, because if one isn't taken soon, that's a likely final three right there. No one else in the house can match them physically, and as Lolo proved in a memory Power of Veto competition, they're threats in other ways as well.

As expected, Lolo absolutely did not use the Power of Veto, instead electing to leave Tamar's picks on the block, assuring that one of them would get the boot. And in all honestly, it was almost a toss-up which one it would be. Of course Tom's growing paranoia had him convinced it was him, but for many, Kato was the bigger threat in the game.

Houseguest Report Cards

Ricky Williams remains in the best position in the house as part of the biggest alliance left standing, and yet there is no indication that he has that ride-or-die loyalty with anyone, meaning he'll have no problem cutting them loose before they can turn on him. He keeps his cards very close to his vest, but seems to have a good grasp on the game, and is playing a very savvy and quiet social game. Grade: A

Tamar Braxton proved she is ready to play this game, she put her personal drama with Kandi all the way away to play this game and it's about time. She made a move this week that makes no enemies in the house, but she still sees what's going on with Lolo and Natalie in the house and knows it's not great for her game. If she can smartly act on what she sees before it's too late, she'll be poised to make a run at the end of this game. Grade: A

Natalie Eva Marie has been on the right side of the alliances all along and has proven willing to shift as needed. She has a solid ride-or-die in the athletic Lolo, but lacks her partner's volatile temperament, which keeps her in the good graces of the house. She's strong in comps, well-liked throughout the house and while she's laying low, she's definitely paying attention. Grade: B+

Kandi Burruss may not have expected to get roped into an alliance with Tamar, but here she is and it couldn't be better for her. She's much better as part of a power duo than a free agent that will get picked off when the alliances aren't yet ready to go after their own. Now, she just needs to work more directly with Tamar strategically to see where the power is and reshape the house. It's not too late. Grade: B

Lolo Jones has everything going her way, but her temper is going to be the death of her in this game. It's going to be very hard for her to win at the end because she has basically had it out with everyone in the house, and her loyalty has shifted multiple times, even if those weren't all by her choice. But she burns so hot that when she feels even a bit slighted she's ready to burn another bridge and move on. Grade: B-

Dina Lohan is still playing this game and she'll continue playing it until they're done with her. The only thing to her advantage now is if Tamar decides she needs to make a big move against the power trio of Lolo, Natalie and Ricky. If so, Dina is a number and she'll certainly take the protection of people who might have a chance at winning something, as she certainly doesn't seem to have it in her. Grade: C

Tom Green is basically a dead Houseguest walking unless the "other" side of the house from the power trio wants to use him as a number to break that up. Still, Ricky will never trust him again and he's proven he lets his paranoia get the best of him. Maybe being wrong about getting evicted will humble him a little bit, but it seems like without a HOH victory or a change in the tide of the game, his days are severely numbered. Grade: D

Kato Kaelin fell victim, as Tom did, to his own success. They peaked mid-game and were so dominant they got a little too cocky for their own good. And they couldn't keep counting on themselves to win and win and win, so they needed a strong alliance around them to protect them. They seemed to have it until Tom squirreled out about Ricky and here they are. This is a perfect example of how paranoia ruins games, and it's possible to outplay yourself. Grade: F

House Chatter

"I feel like I'm the fourth wheel in our bedroom alliance." Tamar (is this even still a thing?)

"Pretend it went exactly like we expected." Tom (to Kato after the vote)

"All I know is Frik and Frak are blown the f--k away." Natalie

"The way I see it is they got too much power. If Tom or Kato goes, you'll never get them out." Kandi (talking to Tamar about Lolo, Natalie and Ricky)

"Kandi, if you go after them, they're gonna come after you and me." Tamar

"I see Jonathan playing video games. I miss him in the house so much so I pick B." Dina (terrible reason and of course she was wrong)

"Looks like we're screwed," Tom (after Tamar wins HOH, but is he?)

"Kato and Tom, they gots to go. But I do know I gotta get rid of some of my shademates, I mean roommates in order for me to end up at the end. So if I was them, I would sleep with both eyes open." Tamar (after nominations)

"I'm not as fake as you think I am. Seriously." Ricky (to Tom after eviction)

"The internet has a name, like every power couple, you guys are now-- Tom and Kato are Tomato." Julie (to Kato after his eviction)

"You saw Lolo turn on Jonathan. You saw her turn on Ryan. Why did you align with Lolo and Natalie Eva Marie?" Julie (to Kato) "Because they're beautiful!" Kato

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