P!nk Announces New Album, Teases New Single, Reveals She Hates Compliments on 'Ellen'
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P!nk is Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The multiplatinum artist squirms under Ellen DeGeneres' compliments and offers a sneak preview of her new single "Walk Me Home," out next week.

After getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, P!nk dropped by "Ellen" on Wednesday to talk about just how uncomfortable Ellen DeGeneres made her by saying all those nice things. She also teased a forthcoming album and single.

"It was overwhelming, I was embarrassed," P!nk admitted of Tuesday's ceremony. "It was so much attention and I had to stand up there while you talked about me. That was a lot for me."

Of the entire ceremony and getting a star at all, P!nk said, "I hate compliments and that’s a huge compliment, so I was crawling out of my skin." She then added sincerely but awkwardly, "But it was really great."

When she found out just how uncomfortable compliments made her guest, Ellen decided to lay it on pretty thick, gushing about what a great performer and person P!nk is. It was all very sweet, and yet Ellen was clearly enjoying making P!nk squirm a little, too.

"I don’t accept praise. That’s not how I learn," P!nk said. "Positive reinforcement doesn’t work on me."

"What happens when Carey gives you a compliment?" Ellen asked, referring to P!nk's husband of 17 years, Carey Hart.

"Oh, he doesn’t. That’s why it works," P!nk laughed.

And while things are going very well in P!nk's life, as she preps for another year on the road, that doesn't mean she's always happy. The ceremony certainly brought some anxiety. "If I was truly happy I would be useless," she said, referring to pain as a fuel for art.

She also dropped some tantalizing details for fans, including a forthcoming album eyeing an April release called "Hurts to Be Human" -- there's that pain again -- and a single that could be out as early as next week.

That one's called "Walk Me Home," and at some gentle urging from Ellen, P!nk treated her audience to an impromptu a cappella take on the track which featured every bit of P!nk's signature power and stirring vocal prowess.

As for the Grammy Awards, P!nk is celebrating her 20th nomination at this Sunday's ceremony and she plans to celebrate it the same way she has every other one. "Every time I lose, Carey makes me a tinfoil Grammy," she joked.

She's won three in her career, but clearly isn't feeling super confident this time. Or maybe she's just hoping she doesn't have to deal with another win. After all, what bigger compliment can she get in the industry than a Grammy?

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