This Week In Celebrity Sightings

The reality star/designer also opens up about his new fashion line and living with the one and only Farrah Abraham.

Cheyenne Parker is bringing his popcorn to the reunion taping of "Ex on the Beach," because he's ready to watch some fireworks.

Parker was one of 11 reality stars who signed on for the MTV show's second season, where the contestants are surprised by their exes week after week. Throw some cocktails and a messy living situation into the mix and you've got the ingredients for a wild time.

Perhaps too wild, Parker tells TooFab.

"It's a total cluster. It was a lot. It was a shit show and I just kept getting hit one after the other," he said, after his ex and his ex's ex showed up. "Just as soon as you start to settle in and relax and kind of adjust to things, they amp it up again and you're right in the pits of hell."

The designer admitted he actually "[doesn't] remember filming a lot" of the show and was kind of taken aback when the episodes started airing.

"I have since quit drinking and I'm strictly focused on business. It's a little unbearable for me to watch myself on TV, then, wasted, exhausted," he explained. "There were days I hadn't slept for maybe 3 days and I'm running off of Top Ramen and a Hot Pocket and rosé and that's it. You got the worst of me."

"I'm sitting at home watching this like, 'Oh my god, could I be more swollen? Could I be more obnoxious? I don't even understand what I just said,'" he added. "Watching that has definitely thrown me into the throes of sobriety and I've made a lot of life adjustments since then."

Those "adjustments" mean he's heading into the show's upcoming reunion with a clear head and mindset totally separate from his costars, who he says are "scheming and planning" what they'll say when they get there.

"I don't give a shit what anyone thinks about me, going into this reunion though, I know people are going to pack a punch," he teased. "I've heard things about plotting and scheming and planning. They want to be on 'The Challenge,' they want to be noticed, they want to pull out any stop they can to get a little more camera time and honestly, camera time will come to you if you're worthy."

"You don't have to go out and be a total asshole of a person in order to make a career in television for yourself," Parker added. "I'm interested to see what happens with everybody. I already told the producer, I'll bring my popcorn. I'm going to be a couple months of no alcohol in, everybody's probably going to be lit as a kite, so it's gonna be a nice bumpy ride that day, but I think I'll handle myself swimmingly."

Of course, there were some rough waters between Parker and costar Farrah Abraham right off the bat. In the premiere, he and the "Teen Mom OG" star got into it, after he called her out for her nasty attitude toward others.

"My opinion of her was not a very high one to start," he told TooFab. "I had to live with the person and I don't imagine that's an easy task for anyone. My opinion of her changed over time, yes, as I got to see ... you know everyone's a human, there's human qualities to everybody."

"I saw some of those, but not enough while filming for me to really decide like, 'Hey, I'm gonna jump right in and we're gonna be fast friends,'" he added. "No, that wasn't the case. She's a tough cookie."

Looking ahead, Cheyenne is really focused on his new collection for Maison Parker, his brand which began in furniture but branched out into clothing and apparel after his appearance on Logo's "Fire Island."

"I was on TV, people were like hey, 'New day, rosé, you said that funny thing, why don't you put that on a t-shirt?'" he explained. "I thought, this is a way to make things accessible to my 'fans,' which I still don't have 'fans' wrapped around my head, but hey, they're out there and I love them and they're growing at a rapid rate."

"Now, what we're doing this year is we're revamping the brand," Parker added, explaining how he's created custom denim pieces like the jacket he's wearing in the video above, as well as sweaters, hats and t-shirts. His plan for the brand is to "go global," while also helping the LGBT community.

"We are launching an equality campaign for transgender equality and universal humanity equality," explained Parker. "We're in talks with GLAAD now and the LGBT centers, and that will be a charitable item where a portion of the proceeds go to transgender youth programs and helping our brothers and sisters who are lacking attention and support."

Though his main focus is Maison Parker right now, he still hasn't totally ruled out more TV in the future.

"I bit off a little more than I could chew getting into this house, but I do like the process of filming and television," he said. "I want to get into TV on my own level, maybe do something that highlights gay communities all over the world, things we don't really get exposure to and bring a fun element to that."

As he's now part of the MTV family, he added that if he ever got a call for "The Challenge," he "probably would give it a whack." Parker added, "I don't think I would be bad at it. Would I be a lifer? I got a lot of other stuff going on, I don't know."

"Ex on the Beach" airs Thursdays on MTV.