What Kevin Hart Was Doing Instead of Hosting the Oscars
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The comedian was originally tapped to host the Oscars ceremony, but backed out after controversy surrounding decade-old homophobic tweets.

After stepping down as host of The 91st Academy Awards, Kevin Hart was nowhere to be seen around the Oscars ceremony. But that doesn't mean he wasn't busy.

The comedian took to social media as the Oscars were beginning to share a video of him pounding on a punching bag with his trainer urging him to give it everything he got. Is this a statement about residual frustration over how that whole Oscars-hosting debacle derailed so quickly, or just coincidence?

Meanwhile, in his IG Stories, Hart shared hilariously adorable footage of his son Kenzo Kash trying to bother the family's two dogs from right around the time the Academy Awards were set to start. He and his wife Eniko Parrish could not stop giggling as 'Zo went from one dog to the other and Hart pleaded with the toddler to "leave the pets alone."

While both video experiences were posted at roughly the same time, they doubtfully both occurred at that moment. Our guess is that the punching bag video, which is also a shoutout to his trainer Hino Ehikhamenor, was filmed earlier than this evening.

He captioned the video, "When you feel like u have nothing left is when you find a way to push & give more....Always grinding. #HustleHart." And it was a lengthy spot, too, with Hart punching aggressively to what looked like complete exhausting. Working through something, perhaps?

And was Hart's choice to publish it Sunday night just as the Oscars were beginning coincidental? Was it intentional for him to film that joyous time spent with his youngest son just as the Oscars were beginning?

One thing that was consistent across both video experiences was that there was absolutely no mention of the Oscars, nor any sign that the Hart family was even watching from their home. So whatever the case may be, Kevin Hart seems to be absolutely fine with having ultimately walked away from the opportunity.

Within days of Hart being announced as the host for the 2019 Oscars ceremony, decade-old tweets were resurfaced with alarming homophobic content. Hart said that he was pressured by the Academy to either apologize or he would be replaced, but Hart ultimately chose to step down himself.

During a publicity tour for his latest movie "The Upside," Hart doubled down on his insistence that he had addressed and apologized for these tweets multiple times over the years, but most fans could not find definitive or satisfactory apologies from Hart's past. Ultimately -- and after dragging it out way too long -- Hart did fully apologize, but by then the Academy had moved on.

The show carried on without a host, instead kicking off with a performance by Queen + Adam Labert, followed by an almost-monologue by May Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. And just as Hart had nothing to say about the Oscars on Sunday night, neither did the Oscars mention him at all except to acknowledge that there was no host.

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