Porsha Slams NeNe for 'Putting Hands' on 'RHOA' Crew, Marlo Thinks Shamari Has a 'Drinking Problem'
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"I don't know what the hell Marlo's problem is with me, but I don't have a drinking problem," Shamari insists.

On Sunday's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," the ladies spent some time recovering from and discussing the nightmare that was NeNe Leakes' "Bye, Wig" party.

In case you missed it, here's what went down: NeNe decided to throw a party one day after husband Gregg Leakes was unexpectedly readmitted to the hospital. She was stressed, to say the least. NeNe wound up blowing up at Marlo Hampton, then ripped a camera guy's shirt after he attempted to follow a curious Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams into her closet. NeNe told the girls her closet was a mess and asked them repeatedly not to go in there. They didn't listen, but when the crew started to follow them, all hell broke lose.

At the top of the new hour, Porsha, Kandi and Marlo went to lunch to discuss the mayhem they had just endured.

"I'm just confused as to when the laughter turned to rage," Kandi said. "NeNe did say, 'Don't go in there,' but then the camera men started to walk towards the closet, and she just started ripping shirts off."

Porsha said she had "never felt that type of fear and anxiety" before and that she was especially scared of the situation because she's pregnant.

"I was shocked when I realized that NeNe had put her hands on the crew," she said. "I just didn't realize it was that deep of a situation -- but apparently, to her, it was."

Porsha and Kandi told Marlo they ran downstairs once NeNe started to go off on the crew but that she chased after them, "pushing people out of the way."

"Are you sure she was trying to get to you?" Marlo asked. Porsha was absolutely certain, adding that Kandi even had to get in front of her to protect her while NeNe was in her face, shouting.

"You were super frazzled," Kandi said to Porsha. "You were putting your belt on when you came out."

When Marlo asked Porsha why she had taken her belt off, she got super awkward and quiet. "It got took off," Kandi said laughing. Porsha, still uncomfortable, replied, "You are so bad."

When producers tried to ask Porsha about the belt during her confessional, she replied, "Nothing happened with the belt. I'm not really talking about that because our relationship will be ruined." It's unclear who Porsha was talking about, but we assume it was NeNe. All we can do is hope Andy Cohen brings up this mysterious belt situation at the reunion.

After the party, Kandi and Porsha made a pact to reach out to NeNe together. Kandi wound up texting NeNe and patching things up on her own, which made Porsha feel like Kandi "covered her ass and left mine out to dry!"

"I just wanna talk to her, face to face," Porsha said. "I'm her friend, and if she's our friend, we also have to be real. 'Girl, we are here for you, and we love you, but how you acted -- that's not okay.' I love NeNe, and I totally feel for her situation, but for me, the tables have definitely tuned. I just don't think that it's an excuse for her to put her hands on anybody or to treat her friends like that."

Kandi added that "it was a very uncomfortable, scary moment that shouldn't have happened."

More on that drama next week.

The end of the episode documented Kandi's glorious and raunchy burlesque show, which she described as "a sexual haunted house." It was all of that and more.

Shamari DeVoe wound up losing her voice due to laryngitis and had to lip sync her performance, but it went seamlessly. After the show, while all the ladies were chatting and drinking backstage, Marlo decided to bring up quite the touchy subject. We all know Shamari likes to have a good time, and last week, she got so trashed at NeNe's party that she ended up puking all over Eva Marcille.

When Tanya Sam playfully pushed Marlo off the couch, she barked back with, "You may not need to drink, either -- like Shamari. You guys both need to take AA together."

"No, being serious, I love you to death," Marlo said sternly to Shamari. "I think you're fabulous. I do get worried when you drink, though. I just feel you get a little too out of hand. I just feel like you need someone to talk to because there may be something else there."

Tanya tried to defend Shamari by insisting she simply had a bad night, but Marlo interrupted, "One night?!"

Shamari couldn't respond in the moment, but she sure did during a later confessional. "I don't know what the hell Marlo's problem is with me, but I don't have a drinking problem," she said. "I am a mother of twins that every now and then likes to go out and let her hair down. Mar-ho, you wouldn't understand anything about that because you're not a mother. You may be a motherf--ker, but you're not a f--king mother."

"I don't care what anybody says; Shamari does have a drinking problem," Marlo told the camera. "This is bothering me. So I'm like, 'What's really going on?'"

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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