'Someone To Make Proud': Luke Perry's Daughter Travels Back to Africa, Son Returns to Wrestling Following Father's Death

"It was quick and scary to leave home again so soon, but there’s a job to be done, and someone to make proud," Perry's teenage daughter captioned an Instagram post.

Luke Perry's children are intent upon making their dad proud following his tragic death.

Jack, 21, who is a professional wrestler, returned to the ring over the weekend for the first time since Perry's death, while Sophie, 18, shared she has traveled back to Africa to continue her humanitarian trip.

Perry tragically passed away last month, days after he suffered a "massive" stroke at his Los Angeles home.

Sophie, who had rushed home from Africa after her father's stroke, told her followers on Sunday she had recently returned to Malawi and is determined to make her late father "proud."

"First few days back in Malawi have been very emotional but it feels right to come back, to finish what I started, to do the most with whatever time we have left," she captioned the post. "I recently learned that may not be as much time as we think. It was quick and scary to leave home again so soon, but there's a job to be done, and someone to make proud. Also excuse my 'post 30 hours o travel' face."

In the post, Sophie shared both a selfie and a video -- the photo shows her riding on a train wearing an "Andrews Construction" baseball cap, undoubtedly in honor of Perry's "Riverdale" character, Fred Andrews, who owned a construction company.

The actor was 52.

Jack, who wrestles under the name "Jungle Boy," posted a video of highlights from his first match back, which he ended up winning.

"I'm not sure I'll ever be ready, but I'm back," he captioned the post. "Thanks for all the love and support. @gamechangerwrestling #jjsb3 #wrestlemaniaweekend2019."

Sophie sweetly commented on her brother's post, writing, "You're my favorite person. I love you and am so proud."

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