Boys, Babes and Beats: The Scene at Coachella 2019

The K-pop band's screaming fans were so loud the group earned shout-outs in the monologue and during "Weekend Update."

It's rare for a musical guest to upstage the host on "Saturday Night Live," but there's no denying the incredible fanbase that BTS currently enjoys.

Emma Stone even made fangirling over the K-Pop group part of her promotional videos for the show. And the first thing she did on stage was "test the sound levels" by announcing the band was here.

And yes, it was the loudest and shrillest screams that studio had heard in years. So prevalent was the crowd's enthusiasm for the group they even got a couple of shout-outs during the "Weekend Update" segment. You could probably hear the screams from your house.

It's too bad Halsey didn't come back for their performance of "Boy with Luv," but the audience didn't seem to mind ... if they could hear the song at all. Poor Michael Keaton didn't get half that response for his surprise cameo.

We're just disappointed -- and we're sure their fans are, too -- that the septet wasn't incorporated into any of the sketches. That said, Emma absolutely slayed with her fourth hosting duties, giving the whole episode a strong voice and feminine energy.

As usual, we're ranking all the sketches from worst to first, including the Cold Open and the regular "Weekend Update" segments. We wrap up with a look at the cast-member who had the strongest week. Normally, we skip the musical guests, but we already blew that so we might as well show you their other performance as well. You can see it below ... just try not to scream too loudly.

COLD OPEN - Prison

It started off as three prisoners posturing about how tough their crimes were on the outside, and then Kate McKinnon swung through as Lori Loughlin. "You think that's insane? I payed $500,000 to get my daughter into USC." Pete Davidson upped the ante as Michael Avenatti, but when it comes to crazy, Michael Keaton took the cake as Julian Assange. Plus, Melissa Villasenor as a bopping Tekashi69 and is everyone in prison (or heading there) these days? There was almost too much going on here, but as a roundup of the recent crimewave, it was effective.

Fashion Coward

Wicked burn on Ann Taylor as this faux commercial took a look at all the most bland fashions for anyone who was traumatized by their mother in a Kohl's fitting room when they were younger. The sketch expertly breaks down the usual fears and anxiety of shopping for new clothes and protectively strips them away with knockout gas, self-burning clothes and whatever else you need to feel safe and socially invisible. As parodies go, this was pretty spot-on.

Dorm Posters

Pete Davidson gets help writing an essay from his posters in a retread of a sketch we've seen before. But while his favorite rapper, wrestler and movie superheroes are able to show the importance of history, it's not as easy for Emma Stone as one of Maxim magazine's 50 hottest girls from rural areas (and her twin). They're ... not that bright and Emma played it to the hilt, frustrating everyone twice.

Royal Baby

Another reprise sketch on the night, this was another home video by Prince Harry (Mikey Day) with guests from across the royal family. It's really just an excuse for Mikey and Alex Moffat, as Prince William, to rib one another as brothers. In this case, Harry convinced William this was a costume party so he came dressed as Freddie Mercury. It was a fun tour filled with plenty of cameos and lots of cheek, and even the queen herself.

Chalmers Reserve Event Wine

Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong portrayed awful reality stars who've transitioned into making wine with way way way way too much alcohol in it. We then met Emma Stone and Kyle Mooney as the "Italian" winemakers who revealed the secrets behind their abomination. And then they went even more ridiculous with the whole thing. And while it was patently stupid, it was also bizarrely funny and entertaining; a worthy way to cap the show.

MONOLOGUE - Emma Stone

Emma Stone is on the cusp of exclusive status, but this is only her fourth time hosting and that was kind of the focus of her monologue ... being just this close and kind of hoping the cast is going to honor her in some way anyway. It was actually pretty cute as she guilted Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson into pretending they'd written a song just for her and even brought out Melissa Villasenor to trick her into thinking a bunch of celebrities had dropped by.


Melissa Villasenor took center stage in a rap about her hobbies which paint a portrait of a woman who very much enjoys her alone time. We're trying really hard to see it that way or it sounds like a cry for help. For Emma Stone, it was an exercise in disinterest, but the whole sketch went to a new level when Emma was brave enough to share her hobby. This is the kind of weird we can get behind in sketches.

Weekend Update

Trump knows nothing about Wikileaks that he used to love and be all about. Well, it was inevitable Colin Jost and Michael Che would poke fun at that dichotomy. "You're more obsessed with Wikileaks than this audience is with BTS," Colin said, and yes, he got the expected shrieks. It really must be surreal for the cast, too. They did slip in some good jokes on Amazon, Stephen Miller and all those White House vacancies.

Aidy Bryant then returned as seventh grade travel expert Carrie Krum who just has very limited experiences. Like, who wouldn't want to travel to her Grammy's house where you can try on makeup and rollerblade in her cul de sac. This character gets sweeter and cuter and somehow funnier every time.

The boys took a look at Disney's new streaming service and what that means for viewing options, and managed to get in a burn on Kanye West while talking about Kim Kardashian's legal aspirations. But perhaps most importantly, Colin revealed that the planned "Grease" prequel might finally explain "why everyone in that high school was in their late 30s."

Recent breakout guests and Instagram couple Nico Slobkin (Mikey Day) and Brie Bacardi (Heidi Gardner) were back to prove that Insta-life is nowhere near real life and in truth these are ... well, truly awful people who are always one slight away from a full-on argument. They are shallow, awful, insecure people. Is "SNL" trying to say something here?

Ladie's Room

An '80s anthem about misplaced anger when your man did you wrong, Kenan Thompson took this one in the best possible misdirection when he informed the ladies -- and Beck Bennett -- that they weren't in a ladies room, but rather a fitting room at a department store. Turns out this used to be a nightclub. It was like disgusting reality hit a bad music video and it worked so well. The song was actually pretty catchy, too.

The Actress

Emma Stone played it very serious as an aspiring actress who picks up a key role in a gay porno without seeming to realize what it is. We love that this was done as an art house piece about her dreams and vision of being an actress, and Emma was absolutely on point with her portrayal of a slightly clueless woman who really tries to get into the head of this character that no one else really cares about. It was sublime, beautiful and utterly absurd.

"The View" on Vaccines

Leslie Jones nailed Whoopi Goldberg's raspy speaking voice, while Cecily Strong's Abby Huntsman was surprised to even get the chance to talk. Kate McKinnon embodied Joy Behar while Melissa Villasenor was all energy as Ana Navarro. Aidy Bryant was constant indignation as Meghan McCain and we're wondering why we don't get more "View" sketches if they've got this nailed down so well. We're not sure if the dramatic lighting and split-screen at every perceived slight or Whoopi's spray bottle to calm things down was funnier. They didn't even need to bring out Emma Stone as Jenny McCarthy to talk anti-vaxxers; they did that for us.


There were plenty of great performances throughout the night, as Emma's prowess really seemed to elevate the entire cast to make a really strong show. Aidy Bryant was fantastic as Meghan McCain and her young travel expert is always a delight. But Kate brought it, too, with an even funnier Joy Behar, as well as takes on Queen Elizabeth II and Lori Loughlin.

Kenan Thompson was solid as always and Beck had some great moments, but the first half of this episode felt like a showcase for what Melissa Villasenor brings to the show. She was a lot of fun in the monologue with her impressions and then really brought charm and goofiness to her own "Hobbies" rap.

She's finding her voice -- or voices in the case of her spot-on impressions -- this season and it's great to see the show starting to give her more airtime as she moves into more of a leadership role on the women's side.

We all know that Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant could all leave the show any season now, and the show needs to know that the likes of Melissa and Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim can step up so it's not all on Leslie Jones. It looks like they're in good hands.

"Saturday Night Live" airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m .ET on NBC.

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