Jungkook Fans Confused After JK Rowling Trends on Twitter

"Don't hate me but... at first I thought... Jungkook was growling."

Forget the Death Eaters — Harry Potter devotees have gone to war with K-Pop fans on Twitter over who is more famous: JK Rowling or Jungkook.

The bizarre battle began when the Potter author began trending on Twitter on Thursday after 9Gag kicked off a meme that had absolutely nothing to do with the BTS lead singer.

It challenged followers to type "JK Rowling Reveals that you" in their phones and continue to tap the center predictive word until it formed a sentence, with predictably weird results.

Within hours the tweet was liked almost 10,000 times, and almost as many tried it out for themselves and shared their phone's wacky suggestions.

But then things took an even weirder turn, as BTS fans began wondering why Jungkook — who goes by the nickname JK — was trending... and what the hell a "Rowling" was.

Reaction was as fervent as it was varied. Some Jungkook fans saw the funny side of the confusion. Many Potter fans were furious people would even pretend they didn't know who JK Rowling was.

However a good portion were just trying to figure out the connection between a 53-year-old Scottish author and a 21-year-old Korean popstar.

"Don't hate me but... at first I thought... Jungkook was growling,' one fan confessed.

"The fact that people are thinking JK Rowling is trending because of a person named jungkook??? This next generation is a load of Muggles..." a Potter fan cursed.

"You're all children on the internet, you know who JK Rowling is. Her books are the only literature you compare things to," another pointed out.

"You know army basically own twitter right? I mean I feel like we trend stuff by accident everyday," one BTS devotee shot back. "So ofc some of us are gonna mistake jk Rowling as jungkook because of JK so stop acting like your an edge lord and different from the other girlies and that you don’t fit in."

See the two armies — Dumbledore's Vs Adorable Representative MC for Youth — go to war below:

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